CSO report: Trips to Ireland decreased in May 2019

By Greg Murphy

There has been a slight drop in the number of tourists visiting Ireland.

Over 1,021,000 overseas residents came here in May 2019.

However, the figure is down on the same period last year, by almost 4,000, or 0.4%.

Trips by visitors from the US and Canada increased by almost 11% to 260,100, while the number of people visiting from Britain decreased by 4.4% to 334,500.

Visits to Ireland from European countries other than Britain dropped by 4.6% to 367,400, while tourists from "other areas" rose by 7% to 59,700.

Meanwhile, the number of Irish residents making trips abroad in May 2019 increased by 2.9% to 1,787,600 compared to last year.

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