Could emojis app be the answer to beating the stress of student life?

An app to help students cope with university life by taking selfies and attaching emojis has been launched by the mental health charity Mind.

Emoodji, available for free on Android and Apple devices, was designed to address the impact of social media sites such as Facebook on students’ wellbeing and help students express themselves if they are struggling.

Research suggests that more than half of students don’t feel comfortable admitting that they are struggling to cope.

Emoodji is an “app for the ups and downs of university life” (Emoodji screengrab/PA)

Users send either a selfie or photo with an emoji face to their friends to share their mood. The app will then track their highs and lows based on whether they have used happy or sad emojis.

The app also includes tips on how to cope with the most challenging aspects of student life, including money problems, exam stress, homesickness, and low mood.

Students appear to find it hard to admit they are struggling to cope (Time To Change)

Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, said: “University is a time of huge change and with it comes both highs and lows.

“Mind have developed Emoodji to make sure that, regardless of whether students are feeling good or feeling the pressure, they have a way of coping with their feelings and emotional wellbeing.”

Download the app here:


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