Construction industry 'needs 110,000 new workers over the next three years'

The construction industry has launched a transition year initiative to facilitate students interested in working in the area.

The initiative will see students completing work experience in the offices of construction companies in addition to on construction sites.

Dermot Carey, Director, Safety & Training, CIF said: “The construction industry has undergone significant changes in the past decade.

"Technology, safety, equality and diversity and salaries have all improved significantly recently. In the coming weeks, the Government will announce an investment programme worth €115bn that will mean the construction industry will provide career security for the next decade.

"In addition, the Government has unveiled a plan to produce 35,000 houses per year for the next five years. So there will be an abundance of work for young people starting their careers.

Overall, we estimate that the industry needs at least 110,000 new workers over the next three years to keep pace with the demand for activity.

"The industry now provides technology-driven careers in addition to engineering roles and of course traditional trades. Construction companies are now internationalising and they require talent in finance, operations and marketing, just like every other sector.

"As the global construction industry grows by 50% up to 2030, working in any role within an Irish construction company gives you skills that can act as a passport to work in any country. Increasingly, our employees, who are building for Facebook, Amazon, Google and other global companies, are being recruited to work in other countries."

- Digital desk

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