Construction industry must become 'much more digitised' to meet housing demand

Future trends in construction could see homes here built by robots.

It is estimated that over 35,000 houses per year need to be built in Ireland to meet demand.

Tech experts have been discussing the practical aspects of how the changes will come about at the Digital Construction Summit this week.

Founder and CEO of VIA Technik, Danielle Dy Buncio says it is hard to predict the future but we need to embrace innovation.

"You look outside, you see how your house is built, see how the roadways are done," she said.

"It's done very similar to how it's done the last 30 years but it's becoming much more digitised.

"A lot of the construction that is happening is done through a process called building information modelling. That's virtually building the house, roadway, bridge, whatever project it may be, in a 3D model - a data-rich 3D model - so you can plan that before you do it in real life."

- Digital Desk

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