‘Consistent’ growth in global tech workers in Cork

Cork is experiencing a surge in overseas tech workers wanting to live and work in the region, with quality of life and reduced living costs cited as leading factors, a survey has suggested, writes Pádraig Hoare.

The survey carried by HR firm Collins McNicholas with Cork Chamber, IDA, and Cork City Council, found more than 85% of tech professionals who had moved to the city they were “satisfied or very satisfied” with their relocation.

Four out of five say they now have a better balance between their work and home lives. Some 85% now have a commute to work of less than 40 minutes and 78% said they did not consider it difficult to find a job in Cork. Workers of 27 nationalities including China, the US, South Africa, France, Egypt and the Netherlands were surveyed, with two-thirds having relocated to Cork during the last two years.

Conor Healy

Just over a quarter of those who moved back were originally from Ireland, with three quarters relocating from outside of Ireland.

Almost three quarters cited a better quality of life and a reduced cost of living as among their main reasons for locating in Cork.

IDA regional manager for the southwest, Ray O’Connor said: “Over the last seven years, Cork has seen consistent growth in the numbers gaining employment across international companies — an increase of 11,500 people since 2009.”

Cork Chamber chief executive Conor Healy said: “This is the most exciting time in recent Cork history in terms of growth, opportunities and potential.”



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