Charlie Chawke's 'most expensive pub in Ireland' sees earnings of €1m last year

Publican Charlie Chawke.

By Gordon Deegan

Earnings at the country’s most expensive pub, the Orchard Inn in Dublin last year topped €1m.

It is now 12 years since one of the country’s best-known publicans, Charlie Chawke purchased the pub in Rathfarnham for €22m. Its record purchase has yet to be broken.

Yesterday, Mr Chawke said that the business at the pub last year “went from strength to strength. I’m very happy with how the pub is doing”.

However, Mr Chawke admitted that it may be for the next generation to recoup the investment in the pub.

He said:

“We’re getting there. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Mr Chawke said that he doesn’t expect the record price for the pub to be broken anytime soon.

Mr Chawke said that his daughter Ali - who operates the pub “is doing a great job along with all of the staff there”.

Ali is just one of five Chawke adult children involved in running pubs across the Chawke group.

Mr Chawke was commenting on new accounts just filed by Orchard Inn Ltd which show that the company recorded Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortisation (EBITDA) of €1.09m last year.

The earnings represented an increase of 23% on the earnings of €889,503 enjoyed in 2016.

The firm recorded a post-tax profit of €349,372 in the 12 months to the end of October last - more than twice the post-tax profit of €156,015 in 2016.

The company’s cash pile increased from €692,331 to €698,730 while the book value of the pub is €20m.

The amount owed to creditors last year reduced from €21.47m to €20.4m.

A note attached to the accounts states that the company is budgeting similar EBITDA for this year to last year’s earnings.

The note states:

“Based on the company’s banking term loan facilities and its expected earnings the directors expect the company to earn sufficient profits to fund its working capital for the coming year.”

Numbers employed by the firm last year totalled 48 with staff costs reducing from €1.4m to €1.36m.

Accumulated losses at the company reduced from €872,842 to €523,470.

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