Cadbury bars to shrink - but prices remain the same

The reduction in size follows the shrinkage of other Cadbury bars to be under 100 calories.

Cadbury will be reducing the size of their multipack chocolate bars, but prices will remain the same.

Mondelez, owners of Cadbury, have taken the decision as part of their efforts to reduce the calories of each portion to below 200.

The change will be brought in by the end of 2021.

Other Cadbury items have already faced shrinkage, with bars such as Chomp and Curly Wurly being reduced in size so they would come in under 100 calories.

Mondelez UK managing director, Louise Stigant said: "We must play our part in tackling obesity and are committed to doing so without compromising on consumer choice."

Ms Stigant confirmed that the list price for multipacks would not change and said pricing was up to retailers, causing consumer groups to accuse the company of so-called "shrinkflation", where smaller products don't get smaller prices.

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