Business group calls for immediate intervention to end bus strike

Retail sales will plunge by up to 60% is the current bus strike continues, a business group has warned today.

Lorraine Higgins, head of public affairs and communications at Retail Excellence (RE) today called for an immediate intervention to resolve the impasse at Bus Éireann.

Commenting on the situation Lorraine Higgins, said: “The lack of a resolution in the Bus Éireann debacle has led to strike contagion which is having an enormous impact on footfall and retail sales activity”.

“Retailers have enough to contend with sterling devaluation, the impact of Brexit and a fall in consumer sentiment which is all happening at a time when they are least able to absorb it.

“Furthermore, in the week Article 50 was invoked by Teresa May, it is undermining all the work being done to encourage UK-based businesses here post-Brexit. So, the damage being done is unquantifiable and it will undoubtedly take retailers a long time to recover”.

“An immediate solution needs to be found. You would have to question what is the purpose in staying neutral on an issue that is having widespread ramifications?"

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