British Irish Chamber of Commerce calls for certainty to avoid no-deal Brexit

The British Irish Chamber of Commerce has said that many businesses are spending a lot of time and money on contingency plans in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

It comes after British MPs gave their backing to a proposal endorsed by the British Prime Minister to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement and replace the backstop with “alternative arrangements” to avoid a hard border in Ireland last night.

Director General of the British Irish Chamber, John McGrane said: “The outcome of last night’s votes further prolongs the uncertainty for businesses around Brexit.

“The British Irish Chamber welcomes the UK Parliament’s rejection of “no deal”. However, without a deal ratified by both the UK and EU, the legal position is that “no deal” will occur regardless of this vote.

“Businesses across both islands continue to operate without any clarity and in fear of a “no deal” Brexit, with many now implementing contingency plans that are a large drain on time and money.”

“The British Irish Chamber has repeatedly warned of the consequences of such an outcome. It would have a very real and negative impact on business, trade, investment and jobs both in Ireland and the UK.

"With €70bn worth of trade sustaining 400,000 jobs hanging in the balance, the Chamber calls once again for certainty for business and a viable way forward to be found that avoids a ‘no-deal’ outcome.”

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