Bank of Ireland's 'people-free' service an insult to citizens, says TD

A Labour TD has accused Bank of Ireland of giving the "two fingers" to citizens.

Willie Penrose said that the financial institution is running amuck in its expansion of self-service and the removal of cash from transactions.

The Westmeath Deputy says it is time the Government backed the creation of a community bank.

"Everything now is personnel-free," he said.

"It's people-free. You've no contacts, you can't build up a customer relationship with anybody, it's all electronic-based, they want all e-banking.

"There's no shame on them. The bank is giving two fingers to the people who bailed them out."

The bank is aiming to roll out its "advice and self service model" in 100 branches by the end of 2017, saying that "the use of credit and debit card and contactless banking continues to grow", and that currently, just 3% of transactions are conducted over the counter.


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