Average Irish Airbnb host to earn €2k this summer

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Airbnb has revealed that this summer is the busiest summer yet here in Ireland, with approximately 640,000 guests projected to travel in Ireland using using the booking site.

This is expected to contribute €57 million to the Irish economy during this time.

The Irish data was released to coincide with Airbnb’s global 10-year anniversary.

"We are delighted to celebrate Airbnb’s 10th anniversary, and reflect at how much we have grown in Ireland over the last number of years," said Aisling Hassell of Airbnb.

"This data on this summer’s activity alone shows that the popularity of Airbnb continues to grow steadily in Ireland, with guests choosing to stay in the many villages, towns and cities across the country.

"Airbnb also creates new economic opportunities by allowing people to unlock their passions, talents and interests and make money from them through Experiences.

A typical home host will earn €2,000 over the summer hosting Airbnb guests, which is a welcome boost for hosts and also caters to visitors seeking unique and authentic travel experiences in Ireland.

    An insight into summer trends data for Airbnb in Ireland revealed some key findings:

  • Approximately 640,000 people will travel in Ireland using Airbnb this summer (during June 21 to September 22)
  • Guests and hosts on Airbnb will contribute €57 million to the Irish economy
  • A typical host on the platform in Ireland will earn €2,000 this summer on average
  • The US represents the country of top inbound guest arrivals to Ireland, followed by domestic Irish travellers, the UK and France

Irish cities remain popular with Airbnb guests, as Dublin and Galway take the top two most travelled hotspots in Ireland, followed by Killarney, Cork and Dingle, as tourists follow the breath-taking Wild Atlantic Way.

The US tops the list of most guest arrivals in Ireland, followed by domestic travellers who are making the most of this summer’s heatwave and opting for staycations in the many beautiful hotspots across Ireland.

    Here are some of the top trending destinations in Ireland this summer:

  • Claremorris, Co Mayo (+204%)
  • Claregalway, Co Galway (+190%)
  • Strandhill, Co Sligo (+173%)
  • Blarney, Co Cork (+199%)
  • Dunmore East, Co Cork (172%)



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