Are drive-through supermarkets going to be the future of food shopping?

There’s nothing worse than having a weekly showdown in Aldi over the last bottle of washing-up liquid, is there?

Russian inventor Semenov Dahir Kurmanbievich might’ve found the solution to your nightmares, as he has filed a patent for a drive-through supermarket that would end all food shopping mayhem.

This solution claims to improve customer service, maximise convenience, increase product choice and cut queuing times – all while lowering costs for the company.

The idea is that a customer would drive up to an available bay and – while remaining in the car – select the items from a column that has vertically rotating shelves operated with a button.

These are immediately placed on to a conveyor belt, where they travel a few feet to the checkout. When finished, the customer moves forward, pays the cashier and drives away with dinner. Simple.

So-called drive-through supermarkets have already been trialled by retail giants Walmart and Amazon. Meaning that going to the shops in your pyjamas without anyone seeing you might be feasible after all.

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