Almost a third face mobile coverage issues at home

Almost one-third of mobile phone users still encounter problems with calls and texts around their homes with half of that number experiencing daily issues, new data from communications regulator ComReg, writes Pádraig Hoare.

More than 2.800 people were surveyed by ComReg on their mobile services, including urban and rural mobile phone users. While 29% of users had experienced issues at home when taking calls and sending texts, that figure rose to 43% in rural areas, ComReg said.

Specific issues include the quality of service deteriorating when indoors, a deterioration in the quality of reception during a call, the inability to make calls and calls being dropped.

Nationally, 30% had service issues at least once in the past month with 3G/4G data in their home. Half of those with service issues in their home experience them on a daily basis.

Consumers are generally slow to change operator but many of those who do switch report coverage improvements — particularly in rural areas, the regulator said.

Chairman Gerry Fahy said: “ComReg recommends consumers keep an eye on the market and be prepared to switch operator for a service that better meets their coverage and service requirements.

In particular, we direct consumers to our newly updated compare tool on”

The most popular handsets in Ireland are Apple iPhones and Samsung phones, while 98% of citizens own a mobile phone, including 92% of those over 65.

Over four fifths of people own a smartphone, but under half of those over 65 do.

Calls and texts are still the most popular services on mobile phones, the survey found despite the surge in mobile data use.


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