7 new gadgets that may change your sex life and your habits

Gadgets to radically alter your sex life, trips to the pub and make jet-set globe-trotting as easy as hailing a taxi will be showcased next week at Europe’s biggest tech festival.

Dubbed the “Davos for Geeks”, the Web Summit sees innovators, investors and inventors from around the globe gather in Dublin to talk about their plans to change your life habits. Here are 7 of them.

1. Orderella is calling time on bar queues.

The app allows you to order drinks from the comfort of your pub snug. Participating bars process the order, send you an ID number, and advise when the drinks are ready. You go to bar and collect. We’ll drink to that.

2. Stratajet hopes to take off as the Uber of private jets.

It’s a small GPS watch for your child’s wrist which allows you to keep track of them at all times on your smart phone. It also allows for emergency alerts if they stray from, or enter, a particular area.

4. Cobi will upcycle your humble bike.

The app integrates your bike with your smartphone. The set-up includes automatic front and rear lights – including a brake light – bike-navigation, charging smartphone holder, alarm system, bell and bike computer. Reinventing the wheels.

5. Fluxo could light up your life.



Designer Luke Roberts says he has developed the world’s first lamp with “paint your light” ?technology.

It allows you to train the overhead pendant light in any direction ?with simple paint gestures on your smart phone. Use it to illuminate the couch for reading?, the dining table for dinner, or just create different moods and settings.

6. FoodCloud wants to bin our food waste habits.

This app connects businesses that have too much food with nearby charities that have too little. Food firms upload details of their surplus and when it can be collected. After that, it’s first come, first served. Tasty.

7. MysteryVibe is bending the rules of pleasure.

Claims to be the world’s first truly adaptable sex toy – and it’s smart. Fully flexible, with six “powerful yet quiet” motors, the Crescendo can be bent into any shape and is programmable wirelessly through your phone.

The high-capacity battery can last for 4,000 hours!

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