5 emotions you'll go through riding Alton Towers' new virtual reality rollercoaster

You should do one thing every day that scares you… that’s how the saying goes, right?!

Well, this definitely counts. Alton Towers’ new ride Galactica is a virtual reality rollercoaster – the first of its kind in the UK – and we were part of the first group of people to try it out. This is what the rollercoaster looks like FYI…

That’s a big ol’ drop right there…(Georgia Humphreys/PA)

Yes, the particularly eagle-eyed Alton Towers fans among you will spot that this looks remarkably similar to the Air rollercoaster. That’s because, um, it is.

So, what’s changed for it to become Galactica? Well, you get to wear virtual reality headsets which completely hide your vision of the outside world as you loop round. And these headsets transport you into space. Which is a very, very exciting idea – but during the ride we felt a bucket-load of different emotions.

Here’s exactly what was going through our heads…

1. Awkwardness

The excitement is growing now (Alton Towers Resort)

What is this thing we’re wearing on our face?!

(Look, unless you’re used to wearing giant virtual reality headsets, you will feel a bit of a weirdo when you strap one on at first).

2. Confusion

Confused GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

Umm, why can’t we see anything at all? Why are we just looking into darkness? And why are you starting to move our chairs back so that we’re on our fronts facing forwards?

Wait, WHAT – you lie down on this ride?!?

3. Denial

This woman talking us through the ride before we got on did NOT help (Georgia Humphreys/PA)

OK, let’s calm down… the screen on the headset is now on. There’s the Galactica logo. They’re telling us to tighten the dial on top so the visuals are clearer. There’s a narrator in our ear.

Now they’re asking us if we’re ready, but it’s fine – we won’t actually be surging off any time soon…

4. Completely overwhelming excitement

This tunnel is the start of the ride… you just know it’s building up to a big drop. (Georgia Humphreys/PA)

OH MY GOD, WE’RE OFF. We’re going really, really fast. We feel a bit sick tbh.

But wait – these visuals are amazing! We’re shooting through a tunnel, now we’re getting to the edge, all we can see is space below… and yep, we’re falling into space.

We’re basically astronauts. This is SO amazing.

5. Disappointment

Love GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

Oh, we’re done already?! Can’t we have another go?

Basically, in case you didn’t get it from that – you need to have a go on this ride.

All the twists and turns are synchronised with what you see on the headsets. And it’s a lot of fun to go on something so different to other rides.

Galactica is open to the public from March 24.


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