11 things you did for the first time on Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited, the first social network to take off in Britain, is to close after 15 years.

Having begun life as a three-person project, it had millions of users and was worth more than £150 million at its height – as well as being noted for creating, as well as breaking up, relationships and marriages – before now being wound down.

If the news has got you reminiscing about the days when social networks were a brand new thing, here’s a reminder of the things you definitely did when you first logged in:

(Julien Behal/PA)

1. You went to a school reunion (because this time you could see that other people were actually going).

Or started one yourself (PA)

2. You immediately looked up your classmate crush… only to realise that they hadn’t aged very well.

3. But if they still looked dreamy, you might have asked to meet up… and possibly reignited that old flame.

Several old flames reunited on the site (Geoff Kirby/PA)

4. You quickly learnt to upload a flattering photograph and make your life sound a little bit more interesting than it is, because that’s what social media is for.

5. You caught up on school gossip – and were shocked to hear the school had changed its name, or demolished that nice old building.

Did you really do that? (PA)

6. You cringed at the stories some people shared.

7. But decided to share your funny memories anyway, especially if they involved someone who is now sort-of famous.

‘Does anyone else remember that time when…’ (PA)

8. You frantically searched the photos people had uploaded, fearing that you were in one.

9. You became friends with people you really didn’t care for, and regretted it pretty quickly when they bombarded you with messages.

You stalked people’s profiles extensively (PA)

10. You confessed your love of that French teacher, and found out you weren’t the only one.

11. And after extensively stalking everyone, you realised that most of your peers hadn’t done that well so you momentarily got over your mid-life crisis and felt a tiny bit smug.


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