Woman wins compo for injuring herself while having sex

A woman injured while having sex in her hotel room on a business trip has won a big payout.

The businesswoman - who has not been named - claimed to have suffered depression after she was struck in the nose and face when a glass light fitting fell from the ceiling while she was having fun with a friend on the work outing in Australia.

She claimed worker's compensation, which was initially approved by government insurer Comcare, but it was then rejected after further investigation.

A tribunal agreed with Comcare's final decision, but the ruling was then overturned in the Federal Court as Judge John Nicholas said it didn't matter that she was having sex when she was injured.

He said: "If the applicant had been injured while playing a game of cards in her motel room, she would be entitled to compensation even though it could not be said that her employer induced her to engage in such activity."

Comcare is said to be considering an appeal to Australia's High Court, while it is not known how much compensation the woman will receive.

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