Woman embarrassed after accidentally posting semi-nude pic on eBay

A British woman was left "embarrassed" after accidentally posting a picture of herself semi-naked on her eBay listing.

Aimi Jones, 21, made the error when she uploaded an image on the online auction website of a yellow dress she was selling, but didn't realise people could see her, via a mirror, standing in the picture with nothing on apart from a black bra.

She immediately took the picture down but it has since been posted on Facebook and Twitter.

She re-posted the listing and jokingly wrote: "As seen by thousands. Never worn naked."

Following the re-post, the dress received staggering bids of more than £153,000 (€184,529).

She told The Sun newspaper: "It's so embarrassing. It is such a stupid thing to do and now the whole world's seen me in the nude.

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