Tough-guy garden gnomes and unexpected hit with shoppers

Garden gnomes which also act as security cameras have become a hit on a price comparison site.

The hi-tech 'Festive Garden Guardian' ornaments - which contain cameras and motion sensors - can be won on in a sales tactic aimed at people leaving their homes over the festive period.

Gareth Kloet, head of home insurance at, explained: "The holidays are a time for relaxing, but our research shows that Britain's homes are alarmingly unprotected against intruders.

"We've looked at what makes Brits feel safest, and that's led us to the design of the Festive Garden Guardian.

"Motion sensors and CCTV are two of the most popular choices for home security because they are physical obstacles that help prevent break-ins by deterring burglars."

Ian Burgess of Setwo Limited is behind the creation of the gadgets, which connect to a router and take photos at 30 frames per minute. The images are then sent to a pre-set email address which can be accessed from a computer or smartphone.

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