Smell-inducing sprouts may become blast from the past

Brussels sprouts could become flatulence free thanks to new technology.

Producing wind courtesy of the leafy green vegetables might become a thing of the past as it has emerged scientists at the Rothamsted Research, in Hertfordshire, south east England, are working on technology to re-engineer the sulphurous chemistry of vegetables.

If successful, this may lead to more "inert" foods which can be broken down more easily in the stomach meaning less methane will be produced.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme, Professor John Pickett, who is leading the research, said: "Our priority at the moment is crop protection. Sustainable production of food is an important issue.

"But we could, nonetheless, if people wanted us to, divert that science and we could have this 'smell free' Brussels sprout. Of course it would be limited in the flavour that you would get from it.

"But on the other hand from the point of view of enjoying Christmas lunch, you could have this more, what shall we say, 'inert' Brussels sprout that might appeal to people."

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