Police: No, we can't help you find your lottery ticket

A mystery person called the police in Britain to report a missing lottery ticket.

Solihull Police, who are based in the West Midlands, central England, took to their Twitter account on New Year's Ever to reveal the bizarre demand for their help to recover a lost Euromillions ticket for a draw which hadn't even taken place.

Following the unusual request, the police service took the opportunity to remind people they should only call 999 in an emergency.

They wrote: "Yes – someone really did call us demanding we help look for their lottery ticket today! Use 999 for emergencies & crimes in progress.

"Re the call we received about the lost lottery ticket – it was for tomorrow’s draw. Had it been a winning ticker, no shortage of helpers! (sic)"

It wasn't the only odd request the police service highlighted on their Twitter feed:

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