'Missing' man found 20 years after disappearance

A view of Prague

A man who went missing in 1993 has been discovered in a homeless shelter in Prague.

Igor Faber disappeared after going on a hike near his home in Slovakia nearly 20 years ago and after months of unsuccessful searching for him he was presumed dead.

His wife Renata was told he was missing and may well have passed away, but it turns out Faber had reportedly walked out on her and his kids to start a new life.

A family friend said: "He was finding family life tough and wanted to start again. He didn't give a thought for his wife and children."

Renata has now refused to take her husband back after he was found in a homeless shelter in Prague last month.

She explained: "How can I take him back after all this time? Life has moved on. The children have a new father, I have a new husband.

"If he couldn't be bothered to contact us, then I don't see why I should change my life again. Clearly he didn't want us, so now we don't want him."

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