LEGO-obsessed family build huge model of Olympics mascot

A family has spent two months using 150,000 LEGO bricks to make a huge model.

Michael Addis, 54, and Catherine Weightman, 49, spent more than 70 hours creating a festive version of London 2012 Olympics mascot Wenlock, who is dressed in a Santa Claus costume.

She is quoted by the Daily Mirror newspaper as saying: "We started building it in mid-October and we’ve spent at least an hour a day working on it.

"We watched the Olympics in the summer and we enjoyed it so much we decided to use the mascot for our theme this year and add a Christmas coat.

"We had a soft toy Wenlock which we used to design the model and we added an FC instead of a W on his head.”

It's not the first time Michael and Catherine have built such a model – they have spent the past two decades erecting huge LEGO structures at Christmas time.

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