Granny uses barbecue to dry clothes, six family members hospitalised

A grandmother has tried to use a barbecue to dry her clothes.

Six of the unnamed woman's family members were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of her bizarre drying attempts after she lit the indoor cooking device before leaving her house in London.

The family - which includes two boys aged between two and 10 months and her three-year-old granddaughter - have now been discharged from hospital.

Dave Brown, from the London Fire Brigade, said: "In my 28-year career I have never heard of anybody using a barbecue to dry clothes let alone using one indoors.

"Never, ever bring a lit or smouldering barbecue indoors. Not only is it a serious fire risk but it also emits carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas that can kill or seriously injure."

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