'Devil-horns' solution for boy born with birthmark on head

A five-year-old boy has had devil horns implanted to remove a birthmark on his head.

George Ashman was born with a big red blemish on his forehead, which led to his mum Karen getting bullied, so she allowed doctors to insert two horn-like implants to stretch the skin with a view to removing the mark.

Karen, 33, told the Daily Record newspaper: "When I first saw the implants in place I was speechless. They were larger than I expected - and placed on either side of his tiny head like horns.

"My cute, angel-faced baby looked like the devil. They didn't look nice at all. But I'm really proud of the strength he has shown through all of this. He has never let it hold him back."

The birthmark has now been removed with the new growth stitched in its place.

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