'Desperate' graduate spends savings on job hunt billboard

An unemployed man in Britain has spent his last £500 (€614) on a billboard to advertise his services.

Adam Pacitti, 24 - who graduated with a first class degree in media production - rented the billboard space out in order to promote his website, employadam.com, because he is getting "desperate" for work.

In a video on his web page, he explains: "I am looking for work in the ultra-competitive, cut-throat and slightly vacuous industry that is the media.

"So if I seem like your ideal candidate then please get in touch because, to be honest, I am getting desperate."

But it's not the first time one of Adam's websites has gained plenty of media attention.

He previously set up website, thegirlofmydreams.co.uk - which he claims had four million hits - to search for a woman he believed he was destined to be with after he drew a picture of her.

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