Johansson slams 'fabricated' magazine article

Scarlett Johansson's representative has threatened legal action against a UK magazine, alleging a tell-all interview with the star was "wholly fabricated" to boost the publication's profits.

The actress graces the January cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and seemingly speaks openly about her marriage to actor Ryan Reynolds, who she wed in a secret ceremony in September.

Johansson reportedly told the magazine: "Ryan has a very romantic side. We both enjoy remembering little things that make us happy.

"My head is screwed on pretty good. I live a very private and modest lifestyle and I have great friends - who are not actors - and a great family."

The publication also reported that Johansson suffered a string of disastrous relationships before settling down with the Blade star.

But her publicist has now slammed the magazine, insisting journalists were not granted an interview with the star and that the article's context is completely false, according to E! News.

A statement released by the actress' spokesperson says: "(The article is an) obvious attempt... to gain monetarily by misinforming their readers.

"(Johansson) has at no point granted UK Cosmopolitan an interview, and she has never discussed her personal relationships with the publication."

The representative also refers to an interview the star did undertake with the magazine's US counterpart in September, in which she spoke of her intentions to keep her personal life private.

Johansson told America's Cosmopolitan: "I hate feeling like I have to share my personal life with anybody. So I'll take the normal celebrity route and just say I'm going to keep my personal life private."

The spokesperson added: "Ms Johansson, who goes to great lengths to preserve an authentic representation of herself with respect to her fans and the media, is disappointed to see a seemingly reputable publication inexplicably publish a work of fiction at her expense."

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