Neighbours star back after being hit by bus

Neighbours star Madeleine West says returning to the show after being hit by a bus was exhausting.

The actress needed reconstructive plastic surgery after the accident in Sydney last month.

She was also robbed while unconscious.

West, who plays Dee Bliss, said she was pleased to be back on the set but found it very tiring.

She told "It was actually really good because it felt so nice to be back at work and to be not just lying in bed and doing nothing.

"It was so good to see everyone, so that really kept me occupied. But, I found that weekend that I just crashed and burned.

"I was very exhausted and when I came back to work on the Monday, I was feeling faint and feeling nauseous and I was having bad headaches again so I had another bit of a rest that night and I just started to get progressively better."

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