EastEnders star receives death threats

EastEnders star Alex Ferns is reported to have received death threats from a crazed fan.

It is thought the soap's producers have called in police following a tip-off that the actor's life is in serious danger.

They fear someone may want to hurt the actor simply because he plays wife-beater Trevor.

Officers have warned Ferns to take extra security precautions while they try to discover the identity of his possible attacker.

He has been told to leave the EastEnders set by the back exit and not to travel on his own.

A spokesman for Hertfordshire police told a British tabloid: "We have received information there have been threats to harm the actor.

"As with all threats of this nature, we are taking it seriously and have offered security to him while the matter is investigated."

In the last week, millions of EastEnders fans have watched Little Mo's trial for the attempted murder of Ferns' character Trevor.

After years of physical and mental abuse, Mo snapped and hit Trevor on the head with an iron.

Last night she was found guilty and sentenced to eight years.

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