Bill Nye reaches a new level of fame as his lab coat is displayed in the Smithsonian museum

Visitors to the Smithsonian will now be able to see scientist Bill Nye’s lab coat on display.

Nye shared his excitement at the Washington museum’s latest acquisition with a post on Twitter.

Nye rose to prominence with his children’s show, Bill Nye The Science Guy with Disney. The show ran from 1993 to 1998 and introduced a whole generation of children to scientific concepts, eventually winning an Emmy award.

Since then, Nye has gone on to become CEO of The Planetary Society and be an ambassador for science and the environment in the US.

The lab coat and snappy bow tie are part of the T is for Television exhibition. The exhibition will be at the museum until July 2018, so visitors have plenty of time to see it.

His supporters absolutely loved the news.

Others wanted to share their own exhibitions in the museum, although accidental.


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