Super Mario Run makes the jump to Android this week

Finally Android fans, you have a date – Super Mario Run will arrive on the Android platform this Thursday, Nintendo has confirmed.

Having launched on iOS as an exclusive in December, the game has been a long time coming for users of (almost) anything that’s not an iPhone.

The game is a first for Mario and Nintendo as never before has the Super Mario universe officially been used in a mobile game.

To cater for the touchscreen generation, the gameplay has been subtly tweaked – players no longer have to make Mario move, he runs automatically, with screen taps triggering jumps.

Despite positive responses across the board for the gameplay upon release, the in-app purchase of £9.99 to unlock the full game hasn’t been loved by everyone. Android users will be subject to a similar charge when the game goes live on Thursday, though you can play the first three levels for free first.


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