PlayStation reveals controller for those with smaller hands

PlayStation has revealed a brand new controller aimed at younger gamers – the Mini Wired Gamepad.

The controller is 40% smaller than the traditional DualShock 4 that is used with the PlayStation 4 console and has a flatter, simpler form which the gaming giant says makes it easier to fit into smaller hands.

For now, it appears to only be going on sale in the US and Canada as an officially licensed product made by Hori, and comes with the same buttons as on the full size controller as well as a 10-foot cable.

What the mini device doesn’t have is any of the vibration, audio or motion sensing features – but it is priced considerably lower than a standard controller at $30 (£23).

Despite the general approval of the announcement, there was also some trepidation around the layout of the controller and the attached cable.

PlayStation confirmed it will go on sale towards the end of the year, just in time for festive family get-togethers and sibling gaming rivalries sparking back into life.


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