Destiny 2 revealed in first gameplay footage

Destiny 2, the first full sequel to the 2014 gaming hit, has revealed its new gameplay for the first time.

The online multiplayer first person shooter’s first trailer shows off a host of new worlds and weapons as the Guardians fight back against the Red Legion after a devastating attack on The Tower, the last safe city on far-future Earth.

The trailer was revealed during a launch event in Los Angeles, where developer Bungie, alongside publisher Activision, detailed some of the big changes being introduced to the game.

the world of destiny 2

New, wider exploration is being introduced, and a bigger campaign and new tools for playing multiplayer all form part of the new-look franchise.

the world of destiny 2

Director Luke Smith said Destiny 2 had a simple message, to create “a world I want to be in”.

The game is out on September 8, with plenty more details no doubt expected before then.


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