All the important questions ahead of the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal

Destiny, one of the biggest franchises in gaming, has its grand sequel unveiling on Thursday night, when the world will get its first proper look at Destiny 2 at a live event.

So far we’ve only had a teaser trailer, but crucially there has been no gameplay footage – that is expected to change at the event.

So, what should you be on the look out for?

What has happened to The Tower?

gameplay from destiny 2

Humanity’s last stronghold and the home of the Guardians, has come under a huge attack, so the teaser showed us.

But how devastating a blow is this to the Guardians, and is the reaction to it the entire premise of Destiny 2?

It would seem likely given the importance of the place in the first game, but more information will be greatly received at the event.

Who are the Red Legion?

gameplay from destiny 2

One of the most exciting aspects of the teaser was the presence of a previously unseen enemy, known only as the Red Legion.

They appear to be made up of a range of deadly-looking creatures, from massive soldier-types to huge rabid dogs.

But who are they, and their leader Lord Ghaul, and how did they manage to land such a telling blow on the Guardians?

Can we expect new weapons?

Gamers are big fans of new and exciting weaponry.

So when the above tweet appeared on the official Destiny account it sparked plenty of excitement because the Guardian in question appears to be holding a new type of weapon – a sub-machine gun.

Healthy debate is still raging online as to whether or not this could point to a new play style within Destiny 2, but for now nothing is confirmed.

Will we hear about DLC?

game play of Destiny 2

As well as liking their weapons, gamers also like extra content. Lots of it.

Indeed, Destiny fans are already discussing the whos, whens and wheres of downloadable content (DLC) that could follow the release of Destiny 2.

How will it be different on PC?

game play of Destiny 2

Destiny 2 will be the first game in the series to make the jump from console to PC.

That’s a big deal for many hardcore fans, who might be weighing up which platform they should buy the game on.

So, any details on special content or collectables for the PC or console versions could be crucial information for some still sat on the gaming fence.


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