WATCH: MUTV pundits dumbfounded by caller's Wayne Rooney rant

Naturally enough for an in-house station, MUTV isn’t known for hard-hitting criticism of the club’s footballers.

The pundits are mostly ex-Manchester United players and can be slow to take the current squad to task.

So it made it all the more noteworthy when a fan phoned in and proceeded to tear apart the performances of one of the United players.

And not just any player, club captain and goalscoring legend Wayne Rooney.

The Liverpool native has come in for criticism in recent weeks, with many suggesting that any other player would have been dropped on his current form.

Video from Everything MUFC.

Keith from Wilmslow is firmly in that camp: “His touch is awful, he looked a bit chubby to me, he’s not covering the ground quick enough to chase the ball.”

The presenter and analysts were dumbfounded by his passionate rant for almost two minutes, before Sammy McIlroy attempted to challenge Keith on some of his assertions.

It didn’t go well.

“Any Man United fan can see he’s done nothing for two years for the club,” was the response when McIlroy tried to bring up Rooney’s past glories at Old Trafford.

The caller also suggested that Rooney long footballing career - he made his Premier League debut at 16 - was also a factor in his declining form.

McIlroy, a former United midfielder, did his best but was no match for the caller’s conviction.

Whether 30-year-old Rooney can turns things around at Old Trafford remains to be seen - but he has a long way to go to win Keith from Wilmslow back.

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By Grainne McGuinness

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