Mauricio Pochettino has shocked everyone having finally changed out of his suit for a Tottenham contract extension

Tottenham have been mightily busy these past few weeks, signing top talent at the end of the transfer window, but also pinning players down with contracts galore.

And one constant has been Spurs’ Argentine boss, Mauricio Pochettino, and his eerily consistent appearance.

Here’s Danny Rose.

And Dele Alli. Is that the same suit?

Hmmm, same smile as well.

Are these players hugging a cardboard cut-out? Come on, now.

Contracts everywhere, am I right?

Someone get Poch’s suit to the dry cleaners will you?

WAIT. Out of the suit and into the tracksuit, Pochettino has finally changed, and he looks a bit less smiley as well.

However, the question remains: who will sit with Mauricio if he ever signs a new deal? That cardboard cut-out suggestion doesn’t seem so silly any more.


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