Tulisa reveals 'someone special' in her life

Tulisa Contostavlos has met "someone special".

The 'Young' singer - who embarked on a brief relationship with actor Jack O'Connell earlier this year following her split from N-Dubz bandmate Fazer - insists her new romance is not yet serious, she is "open" to finding love again.

She said: "There is someone special but it's early days. You could say I'm open to dating - but nothing official yet."

Earlier this year, Tulisa was devastated when an ex-boyfriend, Justin Edwards, released a sex tape of them, and the experience made her "isolate" herself from everyday life.

She told The Sun newspaper: "The last year has been really hard for me. There's so much attention on you all the time, which can be difficult to deal with, and I started to isolate myself - I stopped doing normal things like going to the shops or to the pub because I worried about being around people.

"The only way I could blow off steam was to go out with my friends and a load of security and get hammered. That does work and I spent a few months doing it but I can't cope with the hangovers any more."

The blonde beauty has realised she cannot live that way forever and is making changes to her life.

She added: "Sometimes it's not worth the hangover and you can't live your life constantly surrounded by security. So I've made a pact with myself to stop living that way.

"I'm just going to go back to doing things the way I did before and not worry."

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