• Friday May 29: Ep 1: Tracy's guilt weighs heavy. Who is watching Bethany? Desperate Jenny is forced to rethink her plan.

    Monday May 24: Andy tries to avoid a photo finish. Will Jenny finally make her getaway? Tony has done a disappearing act.
    Ep 2: Michael learns the shocking truth. Will Kevin unwittingly agree to Jack's kidnapping? Mary suspects Dev has had his head turned.

  • Friday May 29: Ronnie is back in Albert Square, and it does not take long for secrets to resurface. Phil tries to stir up trouble for Vincent. Masood attempts to build bridges within his family.

    Monday June 1 Sharon and Phil go head to head. Pam and Les miss their grandson Paul, unaware that he has just arrived in Walford. Ben grows frustrated at Abi's controlling behaviour.

    Tuesday June 2 Phil and Ronnie panic when Sharon is nowhere to be found. Tensions rise at the Beales as the fight over Beth's adoption continues. Abi grows suspicious at Ben's behaviour.

  • Friday May 29: Victoria learns of Adam's betrayal. Rishi supports Rachel. Bernice takes things a bit too far.

    Monday June 1 Vanessa pleads with Kirin. Jai makes a declaration to Leyla. Kerry advises Bernice on her fake boyfriend.

    Tuesday June 2 Victoria's actions have horrific consequences for Ashley. Alicia is furious with Leyla. Laurel makes a confession to Marlon. – Hour long episode.

  • Sunday May 30 No episode.

    Tuesday June 2 Caoimhe's post-holiday bubble is burst when she receives shocking news. Despite Bela's encouragement, Rachel frets about the leaving certificate.

  • Friday May 29: Brad does his best to break through to Clem but finds himself in hot water. Paul puts his feelings aside and tells Brennan that he will help her get Naomi back.

    Monday June 1 Lauren asks Susan to look into Clem's mysterious text messages. Brad and Lauren stay up late reminiscing about their baby and accidentally fall asleep.

    Tuesday June 2 Jealous of Brennan's date, Paige asks Tyler out but he has his hands full. Georgia feels terrible that Sonya felt the need to look for new friends, and organises a girls afternoon.

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