• Wednesday July 1: Steve is back and wants Tony out. Gail struggles to let Michael go. Roy rides to Cathy's rescue.

    Friday July 3: Liz enlists Michelle as she plots revenge. Can Dev win Julie round? Cathy fends off uninvited guests.
    Ep 2: Leanne is shocked by a familiar face. Has Julie had second thoughts over Brian's offer? Roy discovers what Cathy has been hiding.

    Monday July 6: Leanne tries to threaten Dan but it backfires. Ken prepares for Deirdre's return. Callum tries to tempt Kylie one more time.
    Ep 2: Simon's birthday brings out the worst in him. Roy is determined to help Cathy. Has Kylie had enough of David?

  • Thursday July 2: Carol faces the backlash, and is put under more pressure when the gossip starts to gather pace. Nancy avoids Tamwar as they struggle to communicate their true feelings for one another. Kush is surprised by Martin's news.

    Friday July 3: Carol is forced to face the music, and Sonia is knocked sideways by her admission. Buster finds himself making a deal with the devil. It's a case of two steps forward and one step back for Nancy and Tamwar's relationship.

    Monday July 6: Stacey is stunned when she learns why Jean is there. Carol attempts to help Max get his life back on track. Tamwar has a proposition for Nancy.

    Tuesday July 7: It's a big day for Jean, but Stacey has other things on her mind and is determined to unlock the truth. Carol and Ian argue over new redevelopment works in Albert Square, leading to Carol dropping a bombshell.

  • Wednesday July 1: Jai sets a trap for Rachel. Debbie struggles with her guilt. Cain enjoys toying with Robert. Jai sets a trap for Rachel. Debbie struggles with her guilt. Cain enjoys toying with Robert.

    Thursday July 2: Rachel uncovers Jai's secret. Aaron loses it with Cain. Finn is horrified by Ross's confession.
    Ep 2: Megan and Rachel join forces. Finn's conscience is pricked. Vanessa confronts Kirin about the money.

    Friday July 3: Megan goes back on her promise to Rachel. Carly makes a bad call. Belle faces a heart-breaking decision.

    Monday July 6: Carly goes to extremes to save the shop. Ross struggles with his jealousy. Belle says goodbye to an old friend.

    Tuesday July 7: Brenda worries that her tumour has returned. Chas worries when Robert works alongside Aaron. Ross leaves Finn suspicious.

  • Wednesday July 1: Wayne and Orla discover there will be a huge price to pay if they want to prevent Tommy finding out he is Junior's father. Rachel causes an accident at the garage. Mondo humiliates himself to prove he's worthy of another chance and Jane lies to Louise to put her off Michael.

    Thursday July 2: Wayne is devastated when Orla suggests they tell Tommy the truth about Junior. Louise plays it cool as Michael tries to win her back, and Paul and Jackie conspire to teach Doug and Rachel a lesson. Mondo struggles to find the cash to invest in Hayley's shady business deal.

    Sunday July 5: Orla and Wayne are on a collision course with Jane. Will she carry out her threat to tell Tommy or was it all a bluff? Mondo is tempted to continue his dodgy dealings with Hayley. Rachel decides to teach Paul a lesson and what is next for Louise and Michael's relationship?

    Tuesday July 7: Bob's suspicions corner Tommy into revealing his secret to a devastated Wayne. Farrah and Renee are taken aback when they receive an unexpected visitor. Rachel is uncomfortable when Amanda seems to resort to her old ways and Leo is troubled by the disappearance of Paula.

  • Wednesday July 1: Sharon admits responsibility when Lauren confronts her about Matt's infidelity, but it comes with a warning - Lauren should be wary of Terese's motives in keeping the truth from her for so long. Tyler panics when Brennan asks him to set up a CCTV camera at the garage. Sheila's raunchy bingo night heralds the arrival of another Brennan brother.

    Thursday July 2: Tyler is overjoyed that his middle brother, Aaron, has arrived in Erinsborough, but Brennan worries that the three of them do not know each other as well as they should. Paul and Naomi come to a fresh understanding - Paul will stop his mood swings and Naomi will stop interfering in his family affairs. Amber fears the worst when Karl spots something unusual during a routine ultrasound.

    Friday July 3: Amber, Josh and Daniel are distraught when Karl tells them that Amber's baby has a life-threatening congenital diaphragmatic hernia. When Tyler realises that his brother is single he tries to play matchmaker and sets Aaron up on a date with Nate. It is clear that Paige still harbours hopes of reuniting her parents when she brings them together for a brainstorming session for her 21st birthday party.

    Monday July 6: Josh resorts to selling illegal supplements in order to support Amber and the baby. Meanwhile, Imogen suspects that Josh is up to something and is determined to find out the truth. Paul is delighted when Amy lets him babysit Jimmy while she is at work, but she is none too pleased when she returns to find him loaded with presents. Sheila wages war on Karl after she learns that he complained to the council about her use of exotic dancers at the bingo night.

    Tuesday July 7: Sonya breaks one of her and Paul's relationship rules when she tries to persuade Amy to reconsider how much time he can spend with Jimmy. A jealous Jayden gives Paige an ultimatum, either she gets busy with him or he will shop her and Tyler to the cops. Susan and Nate are shocked when they recognise their new wedding client's fiancé to be Alistair, the guy who kissed Nate.

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