• Wednesday Nov 26: Steve obsesses over his car. Will Gavin stay in touch with Michael? Dev's jealousy over Julie grows.

    Friday Nov 28: Ep 1: Will Gavin discover Michael's secret? Tracy and Carla are at loggerheads. Dev interferes with Julie's date.
    Ep 2: What is Gavin concealing? Tracy hits Carla where it hurts. Mary is shocked by Dev's news.

    Monday Dec 1: Are the walls closing in on Tracy? Leanne gives Alya advice. Sally gets too big for her boots.

  • Thursday Nov 27: Denise is panicked by her discovery and seeks advice from Masood - should she tell Ian the truth? Jane and Ian disagree about Bobby. Just as it seems they are making headway, they receive some shocking news.

    Friday Nov 28: A distraught Ian faces a tough decision that could tear his family apart. Ben makes a shocking confession to Ian, but how will his brother react?

    Monday Dec 1: Curiosity gets the better of Ian when he decides to look through Lucy's mobile phone, but nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover. Denise finally decides to take matters in her own hands, but things don't go quite to plan.

    Tuesday Dec 2: Peter returns from New Zealand and starts to put a plan into action. Carol and Tina are concerned for Sonia when she returns from her course looking the worse for wear. Where has she really been? Charlie gives Aleks an ultimatum when he is introduced to his wife.

  • Wednesday Nov 26: Belle struggles to cope. Robert is intrigued by Aaron. Pete is warmed by Debbie's loyalty.

    Thursday Nov 27: Ep 1: Cain takes action to protect Belle. Pete is thrown to be given a lifeline. Rhona lends a sympathetic ear to Laurel.
    Ep 2: Pete faces a dilemma. Charity burns bridges with Moira. Vanessa gets an unexpected housemate.

    Friday Nov 28: Jimmy has a problem. Vanessa has concerns. Pete is given an ultimatum.

    Monday Dec 1: Will Charity make a sacrifice for Debbie? Kirin's antics lead to danger. Marlon struggles over April's bond with Ross.

    Tuesday Dec 2: Rakesh is shocked by Kirin's confession. Charity wonders if she has made a mistake. Harriet searches for evidence for Ali.

    Rakesh and Vanessa try to protect Kirin. Laurel is hurt by Marlon's actions. Debbie is left shocked.

  • Wednesday Nov 26: Pete erupts when a traumatised Doug reveals Jackie's secret. Dan comes under pressure from all the Doyles as he tries to rebuild his relationship with Yvonne. Kerri-Ann continues her matchmaking efforts for Leo and Paula, and Cass unwittingly adds to Charlie's troubles.

    Thursday Nov 27: As Jackie tries to comfort Doug, Pete rushes to seal their divorce. Just as Yvonne realises she loves Dan, he wonders if he is making a huge mistake. Paula turns her sights on matchmaking for Kerri-Ann and Charlie decides he needs to learn how to live alone.

    Sunday Nov 30: Charlie shuts his friends out and Paula offers Kerri-Ann some advice. Pete and Jackie struggle with this week's revelations, while Yvonne basks in sympathy as she reveals Dan and Carol's betrayal to the community.

    Tuesday Dec 2: With Dan's betrayal eating her up, Yvonne secretly begins to plot revenge. When Dolores discovers Pete's lie, she is forced to make a decision about their wedding. Mondo's money making scheme runs into difficulty and Rachel's efforts to balance home and school take their toll.

  • Wednesday Nov 26: As Terese checks into a hotel, Brad is finally forced to admit his infidelity to Doug, who suggests that he reassess his feelings for Lauren. Imogen, meanwhile, blames Paige for the separation. Paul encourages Terese to confide in him about her problems. Is he about to capitalise on a marriage in crisis? Chris and Nate share a rare light moment when they steal Karl's new pig sculpture, Elvis.

    Thursday Nov 27: Susan suspects that Paul has an ulterior motive when she hears that he is advising Terese to stay away from Brad. Doug goes missing on Paige's watch. Sonya, feeling tense, takes her daughter out to play and Nell has a nasty fall. When a letter arrives informing her that she has been reported for child abuse, she realises that her stalker's intentions are more sinister than anyone had thought.

    Friday Nov 28: Ramsay Street comes together to support Sonya as Toadie struggles to console her. Sheila has difficulty believing the story that Gary spins for Kyle about the reasons he left the family, and asks Brennan to look into his background. Elvis is pig-napped again.

    Monday Dec 1: Gary's story about being a witness in a robbery and being forced to leave his family as a result turns out to be true, but Sheila still thinks that he is hiding something, especially when she discovers that he never went to the police. Lauren worries that Rain is having too much influence over Amber, particularly when she takes her through a guided meditation, which leaves Amber distressed. Imogen fights her feelings for Daniel as they discuss the school formal.

    Tuesday Dec 2: Terese complains to Paul about her efforts to reconcile with Brad coming to nothing, and in passing mentions the name of an old flame. Paul wastes no time in tracking him down. Daniel confronts his ex when he finds out that she lied about another boyfriend, but Rain expertly talks her way out of the situation. Doug's grandchildren help him to feel useful again.

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