• Friday April 24: Ep 1: Will guilty Gail say I do? Mum's the word for Jenny. Sinead is on the road to home.
    Ep 2: Will Andy leave without saying goodbye? Kevin is blind to Jenny's lies. Sinead is grateful for Sam's moral support.

    Monday April 27: Ep 1: Maria is gobsmacked by unstable Jenny. Chesney feels pushed out. Is Weatherfield High ready for Bethany Platt?
    Ep 2: Sophie is incredulous over Jenny's deceit. Chesney struggles with his jealousy. Liz gives Sarah a shot behind the bar.

    Wednesday April 29: Nick catches Sarah giving in to temptation. Stubborn Sophie sticks to her guns. Sinead is thrilled to be busy again.

  • Thursday April 23: After some persuasion from Carol, Max steps up to give his father's eulogy. The pressure becomes too much for Roxy - will she come clean to Ronnie? Vincent is back in Walford and pays a visit to an old friend.

    Friday April 24: Roxy continues to struggle with the consequences of her actions. Tina reaches out to Shirley and shares some home truths. Sylvie and Babe come to blows, and it soon becomes clear they're both hiding a secret.

    Monday April 27: Max's dodgy dealings catch up with him, and once again he turns to the person he least wants to. Aunt Babe attempts to bring Mick and Shirley back together, but what are her true intentions? Kim returns to Albert Square with baby Pearl but is frustrated when she finds her house overrun with Carters.

    Tuesday April 28: Carol warns Max to stop pushing his family away, but will he listen? Alfie takes matters into his own hands in an attempt to find a job. Whitney decides to play matchmaker for Stacey.

  • Thursday April 23: Ep 1:Ross tricks Debbie into helping him. Donny gets a nasty surprise. Finn attempts to break up with Darren.
    Ep 2: Debbie and Ross are trapped together. Alicia feels the distance between her and David. Dan worries for Sean.

    Friday April 24: Debbie proposes to Pete. Ross tells Chrissie the truth about Robert. Vanessa buries her guilt.

    Monday April 27: Chrissie is furious with Robert. Debbie is unsettled by Emma's advice. Vanessa takes a pregnancy test.

    Tuesday April 28: Vanessa confides in Rhona. Chas is unnerved by Robert's presence at the pub. Tracy argues with Val.

    Wednesday April 29: Vanessa agonises over her options. Laurel applies for a job with Jimmy. Aaron rejects Robert's advances.

  • Thursday April 23: Pete is determined to make things right with Dolores, while Bob's developing friendship with Shane riles Jim. Damien and Louise hatch a plan to get Kerri-Ann and Decco talking, while Debbie and Jane clash.

    Sunday April 26: Dolores's sadness deepens when she discovers that Orla and Wayne have been lying to her too, while romance is finally in the air for Kerri-Ann and Decco. Debbie's frustration with Eoghan is noted by everybody but him and Shane tries to discover what is behind Bob and Jim's feud.

    Tuesday April 28: Kerri-Ann and Decco's romance comes a cropper over a burst tyre, while Debbie surprises everyone by deciding to holiday on her own. Dolores tries to cope with her recovery alone. Meanwhile, Shane has some big questions for Jim about Bob's affair with his mother.

    Wednesday April 29: Debbie tries to spend some quality time with Eoghan, while things do not go to plan for Jo as she prepares to open the laundrette. Jackie struggles to cope alone and Shane has an ultimatum for Jim.

  • Thursday April 23: Frustrated by further delays to the research centre decision, Nick tells Paul that his condition is worsening, prompting him to put his affairs in order, expecting the worst. Paige confesses to Josh that she has been unfairly taking out all of her anger on Imogen and Daniel. Toadie is torn when Danni asks him to represent her in court, and his precarious position is made even greater when she reveals that she does not think the accident was entirely her fault.

    Friday April 24: Brad and Lauren are shocked when Danni claims that Matt and Brad were in the middle of the street arguing at the time of the accident. Brad is worried that the truth about their argument, and Matt's infidelity, will come out. When Nick turns up at Paul's to tell him that he has found a new drug trial that looks promising, Paul in turn confirms that the research centre will go ahead. Despite laying low since the police raid, Tyler cannot hide from Dimato.

    Monday April 27: When Dimato reveals that he has bought the garage and is turning it into his new chop shop, Tyler desperately tries to think of a way to get out of town. Amber is sick during a fitness work-out and Paige suspects that she is pregnant, but is not prepared for the shocking revelation that the baby might not be Daniel's. Karl and Kyle conspire to drop Lou from the cycle club because he is slowing them down.

    Tuesday April 28: Paige is shocked when Amber reveals that she slept with Josh on the night of her wedding, but advises her to wait until she can do a paternity test before telling anybody else. Struggling after Matt's death, Bailey hits the bottle again and is caught up to no good by Susan. Karl loses his patience with Lou the slow coach and he is removed from the cycle group, but after some soul-searching they come to an agreement which will allow Lou to take part and not hold them up.

    Wednesday April 29: As Paul faces up to a lifetime of regret, Naomi is moved by his vulnerability and kisses him. When Brad promises to help support Lauren and her children, Terese has to work hard to stay positive about their growing closeness but is keeping a close eye on her husband. After an unexpected rendezvous at the Eden Hills University Law Society, Imogen and Tyler are keen to build on their friendship and a game of strip poker ensues.

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