• Wednesday Oct 29: Can Carla bring herself to keep Rob's secret? Eileen supports a jittery Michael. Cilla bids her family goodbye.

    Friday Oct 31: Ep 1: A jubilant Tracy prepares to marry the love of her life. Secretive Michael shocks Gail. Sinead stuns Fiz and Chesney.
    Ep 2: Will Rob and Tracy get their happily ever after? Michael endeavours to find his son. Maria asks Luke for his help.

    Monday Nov 3: Ep 1: Is the game up for Rob? Tony works his magic on Liz. Audrey plays matchmaker.

    Ep 2: Will Tracy throw caution to the wind? Maria has a disastrous day. Michael is on the hunt.

  • Thursday Oct 30: Dot worries when she feels that Nick is still alive, but can Charlie cover? Kush has a unique way to try to convince Sonia to go through with his charity idea.

    Friday Oct 31: The Halloween party is in full flow at The Vic but will the celebrations go to plan? Dot fears that she has seen a ghost. Lauren is desperately scared when she realises she is being followed.

    Monday Nov 3: Shocked by lies and deceit, Dot demands an explanation from her family. Scared that she is being followed by Lucy's killer, Lauren asks DC Emma Summerhayes for help - but can she be trusted to discover the truth? Abi and Lauren come to blows when home truths are exposed.

    Tuesday Nov 4: Out of his mind with worry over Linda's increasingly erratic behaviour, Mick finally thinks he has discovered what is wrong. Dot is forced to make a heartbreaking decision. DC Emma Summerhayes is shocked when she discovers the real reason Lauren is being followed.

  • Wednesday Oct 29: Dan and Kerry's plan fails miserably. Cain and Aaron pay Maxine a visit. Katie is pleased with Lawrence's business offer.

    Thursday Oct 30: Ep 1: Charity seizes an opportunity to help Cain. Ali and Amelia's hopes are dashed. Lawrence revels in Robert's annoyance.
    Ep 2: Cain and Moira appreciate Charity's efforts. Chrissie is pleased when Robert passes her test. Nicola's resolve begins to slip.

    Friday Oct 31: Jimmy is left devastated at Juliette's admission. Marlon is reluctant to act on Laurel's advice. Charity tries to win back Noah's affections.

    Monday Nov 3: Kirin gets Paddy's seal of approval. Charity suspects Ross has scuppered her deal. Jimmy is touched by Nicola's support.

    Tuesday Nov 4: Marlon is floored by Laurel's actions. Charity hatches a plan. Jimmy is stunned by Nicola's admission.

  • Wednesday Oct 29: Pete finds it hard to leave the past behind when Jackie keeps turning up. Cass's good intentions end up backfiring on him, while Dermot tries to keep a suspicious Jane at bay over the sale. And can Hughie come back from a dangerous drinking binge that has landed him in hospital?

    Thursday Oct 30: Jane and Paul go head to head, but Dermot suffers most from the fallout. When given one last chance, Hughie is faced with a difficult choice. Pete's celebrations are short-lived when he receives a surprising request from Doug. Charlie and Cass' big adventure is met with strong disapproval.

    Sunday Nov 2: Pete and Doug are stunned when Jackie reveals the reason she abandoned her family. Dermot turns to Paul when he comes under increasing pressure from Jane. Will Paul chose friendship over getting revenge on Jane? Hughie tries to make amends before he leaves and Cass and Charlie realise their own limitations.

    Tuesday Nov 4: When Pete doubts Jackie's story, he discovers the shattering truth about her past. Dermot gets sucked further into Paul and Jane's feud. With Yvonne away, Dan tries to avoid Carol. Eoghan realises there is a price to pay for having opinions on everything.

  • Wednesday Oct 29: Trying to make up for his mistake, Josh addresses Erinsborough High students to talk about why he punched Chris. To his surprise, both Chris and Amber appear at the meeting. The fallout from the Dakota incident causes Brennan and Paige to break up. Following their wedding, Kyle and Georgia are reluctant to return to reality.

    Thursday Oct 30: After talking to Brad, Terese tells Paige that she cannot move in after all. With Lou taking the dramatic decision to head off to Cambodia, Bailey offers to let Paige stay at their place. Lauren happily agrees. Sheila discovers that Kyle and Georgia lied about their delayed flight, so it is back to reality for the couple.

    Friday Oct 31: Paige bakes Matt a cake to warm him up to the idea of her moving in. The newspaper wants to talk to Josh about his speech. He refuses, but Imogen decides to tell his story for him. Georgia and Kyle accidentally send the naughty thank you notes that they wrote while tipsy. Finally having the house to themselves, Sonya persuades Toadie to sample the naturist lifestyle, but they are busted when one of Toadie's clients pays them a visit.

    Monday Nov 3: Chris pushes himself hard upon his return to work at the garage but when both his hands and memory fail him, he is sent home. A heart-to-heart with Danni makes him see that he should give himself a break. Frustrated, he takes his anger out on Josh during a chance meeting. Imogen feels guilty after talking to the papers about Josh and helps Toadie prepare for Josh's hearing. Kyle and Georgia scramble to delete the email that they accidentally sent Sheila.

    Tuesday Nov 4: Now physically ill with the stress of his guilt, Josh tells Imogen to stop fighting a prison sentence for him. Imogen informs her mother, who swears that they will find a way to fix things. Amber's living arrangements make her feel unsafe when the car is attacked during the night. Terese invites Paige over for lunch when she senses Brad's distress that his daughter has been lost to the Turner household.

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