• Wednesday August 26: Carla throws Aidan in at the deep end. Lloyd and Erica are caught in the act. Bethany faces the wrath of her family.

    Thursday August 27: Tony is out for Callum's blood. Liz and Lloyd seek solace in each other's arms. Carla is glad to have her best mate back.

    Friday August 28: Tony finally gets his hands on Callum. Lloyd finds himself in a tricky situation. Cathy is nervous about hosting an art class.
    Ep 2: Roy saves the day. Callum escapes Tony's clutches - for now. Will Lloyd break Andrea's heart to protect Steve?

    Monday August 31: Carla gets her just desserts. The distance between Fiz and Tyrone grows. Eileen suspects that Lloyd is having second thoughts.
    Ep 2: Robert hounds Tracy for the truth. Tyrone fails to give Fiz the support she needs. Lloyd is finally honest with Liz.

  • Thursday August 27: Tina attempts to bring Mick and Shirley back together. Kush and Masood come to blows, but it's clear Shabnam has something else on her mind.

    Friday August 28: Shabnam and Kush receive some devastating news. Martin makes a decision about his future with Stacey.

    Monday August 31: It's a difficult day in Albert Square as the Masoods and Kazemis come to terms with the death of their baby.

    Tuesday September 1: The Carters make a shocking discovery, leading Mick and Tina to turn to Shirley for help. Kush and Shabnam reach breaking point. Lee confronts Whitney about her odd behaviour.

  • Wednesday August 26: Pete is rejected by his family. Rachel says goodbye to the village. Dan struggles with his guilt.

    Thursday August 27: Pete faces up to the past. Bob stands up to Ged. Sam learns Megan's secret.

    Friday August 28: Emma relishes being needed. Rakesh takes a hard line with Jai. Eric's resentment of Diane grows.

    Monday August 31: Pete feels like an outcast. Aaron worries he has made things worse. Diane angers Pollard.

    Tuesday September 1: The village gathers for Val's extraordinary funeral. Lawrence makes a new acquaintance. Andy makes a discovery.

  • Wednesday August 26: Damien and Caoimhe, eagerly seeking a new home, are devastated by some shocking news. Robbie uncovers Flynn's real business but Carol finds herself trapped. Doug scuppers himself when he stands up to Paul, and Hughie grows suspicious about Dermot and Deirdre.

    Thursday August 27: As Flynn applies the pressure, Hayley offers Robbie a very risky chance of a way out. Dolores has to step in when Neil escalates the feud with Paul. Hughie discovers Dermot's secret.

    Sunday August 30: The mood is sombre as a heartbroken Caoimhe and Damien have a blessing for their baby boy. Against Carol's advice, Robbie aims to get the better of Flynn. Deirdre reveals something unsettling to Dermot, and Neil just cannot resist winding up Paul.

    Tuesday September 1: Following the miscarriage, Damien struggles to cope as Caoimhe shuts him out. Under pressure from Deirdre, Dermot confronts Jo about hiding Ken's call for help. Rachel arrives back from holidays with a new look and a new boy in tow. Hughie considers buying a business.

  • Wednesday August 26: Toadie tells the doctors that he cannot feel his legs and testing reveals that his old bullet wound was aggravated during the fall, requiring immediate surgery. Imogen and Daniel's relationship goes public and they face up to lunch with Terese and Brad. Paul vows to help a distraught Naomi through the debacle at the open day. Nate and Ben bond while babysitting Nell.

    Thursday August 27: Naomi is stunned when she realises that she is to blame for the accident and Toadie's injuries. Toadie is in complete denial when he is told the extent of his condition, and Karl warns Sonya that he will spend significant time in a wheelchair regardless of the final prognosis. Paul puts pressure on Kyle to rehire Amy so that she will not leave Erinsborough.

    Friday August 28: Paul goes into damage control and gets his lawyer to fish for information from the Rebecchi's over whether they intend to sue. Nate is crushed when he learns that Chris is seeing someone else, so Sheila plays matchmaker and sets him up with Aaron. Ben blows everyone away at the concert audition, but his joy is short lived.

    Monday August 31: Brad encourages Ben to own his mistake, and he records a video of himself explaining what happened and how stupid it was to take risqué photos. Amber inadvertently tells Josh that Lauren has been flirting with Brad. Amber is confronted by a loved up Daniel and Imogen and confesses to Paige that seeing them together is painful.

    Tuesday September 1: Terese turns up drunk to the school concert dress rehearsal and she and Brad have a humiliating public argument. The pressure of deceiving Amber gets to Josh and he vows to come clean about his online persona. Toadie's mother Angie arrives in town to look after her boy, and it is not long before she is making her presence felt. Imogen and Daniel have their first disagreement since they got together.

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