• Monday Jan 18: Tracy gets more than she bargained for. Sally makes a shocking discovery. Audrey leaves Ken bemused. Wednesday Jan 20: Will Tracy smash Nick's dreams? Phelan wants to strike a deal with Anna. David and Kylie try to hide what lies beneath.

    Friday Jan 22: Ep. 1:Tracy faces some difficult questions. Roy is quietly concerned. Kevin takes Phelan's advice. Ep. 2:Tracy finally cracks. Roy says farewell for now. Has Phelan beaten Anna to the punch?

  • Monday Jan 18: A familiar face arrives in the Square with worrying news. Martin continues to grow concerned about Stacey's erratic behaviour, while tensions remain high in the Vic. Tuesday Jan 19: Kyle returns to the Square, but why is he back? It's the day of Charlie's funeral and Kat prepares to say goodbye, but things soon take a turn. Elsewhere, Babe sets her eyes on one of the residents.

    Thursday Jan 21: As Stacey's psychosis continues to intensify, Martin realises he needs help. Paul and Ben begin to rebuild their fraught relationship, and Kat opens up to her sister.

    Friday Jan 22: Martin worries for Stacey, but will she listen and get the help she needs? Pam and Les worry about Paul's behaviour, but what's really going on?

  • Monday Jan 18: Diane holds an open day at the pub. Kirin feels sidelined. Chas's secret is catching up with her. Tuesday Jan 19: Carly spots a money-making opportunity. Rakesh has a run-in with the police. Things go from bad to worse for Aaron.

    Thursday Jan 21: Ep. 1:Nikhil reveals his true feelings. Tracy has a hot date. Aaron confides in Robert. Ep. 2:Robert is out of his depth. Ashley admits he made a mistake. Nikhil cannot believe his luck.

    Friday Jan 22: Robert shows where his loyalties lie. Kirin is desperate to prove himself. Carly's date is not all he is cracked up to be.

  • Tuesday Jan 19: Ep. 1Charlotte Bishop steps closer to the dark side, leading to heartbreak for Cass. Dean adds Caoimhe to the long list of women he is currently exasperating. Heather goes too far with Ellie, and decides to confess everything to Shane.

    Wednesday Jan 20: A confused Shane does his best to resist Heather. Jackie is surprised when Rachel reveals a ruthless business streak. A vengeful Hayley hatches a plan to get Dean in trouble at work, while a lonely Charlotte opportunistically robs Vinos.

    Thursday Jan 21: As Dean pays a high price for neglecting Hayley, Jackie teaches Rachel a lesson and Charlotte finds an unlikely ally in Tommy.

    Sunday Jan 24: Sensing fault lines between Ama and Shane, Heather turns up the heat. A curious Orla wonders what a newly upbeat Wayne is plotting. Sash and Nina visit and Charlotte bristles. Caoimhe wavers after Bela makes an offer that stings Dean.

  • Monday Jan 18: Jimmy is rushed to hospital following Bosys's attack and a council ranger arrives to take Bossy away. Kyle is furious and sets out to discover who gave the ranger insider information about Bossy's recent strange behaviour. Tuesday Jan 19: Awkwardness all round when Brad, Lauren and Terese end up at a singles night together. Piper encourages Tyler to go along to the singles night to get material for her blog, and when she pops over to his place afterwards to hear how it went she winds up kissing him.

    Wednesday Jan 20: When Nate discovers that Dimato has threatened to harm the Kennedys if Karl speaks out about Michelle's abuse, he takes desperate measures to protect them. Despite a close call, Piper and Tyler's tryst stays under wraps, but he is left to ponder whether or not embarking on a relationship with her is a good idea.

    Thursday Jan 21: Amy is reluctant to have Bossy return to 26 and reminds Kyle that Jimmy's safety comes first. Daniel is caught red-handed trying to read Terese's emails and is forced to explain his grand plan. Sheila feels threatened when Steph's shift at The Waterhole proves a success with the patrons.

    Friday Jan 22: Things are looking up for Sonya and Toadie when they agree to see a counsellor together. But when Steph receives a call from Max's new wife informing her that she is thinking of adopting Charlie, Toadie is torn between supporting her and attending his first appointment.

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