• Wednesday July 23: The Windasses sink to a new low. Neil accuses a nonplussed Steve. Yasmeen makes an ally of Roy.

    Friday July 25: Will Yasmeen split Kal and Leanne? Desperate Anna buries her pride. Neil fights to save his marriage.
    Ep 2: Will Anna and Owen reunite? Nick stands to lose out to Leanne. Norris points the finger.

    Monday July 28: Ep 1: Nick and Leanne lock horns. Norris's worst fears are confirmed. Anna worries about Faye.
    Ep 2: Nick sees red. Will Rita be able to forgive Dennis? Gail enjoys a romantic evening.

  • Thursday July 24: Sharon decides to regain control of her life, which leads her to make a shocking discovery. The Butchers' day takes an unexpected turn when Liam's actions land them in hot water. Ian takes necessary measures to protect himself.

    Friday July 25: Sharon takes matters into her own hands but what will she do? Finding themselves in a desperate situation, Bianca and Carol frantically try to save their family. Tina refuses to admit the truth but will she get away with it?

    Monday July 28: Mick attempts to fix things for his family, but are they being as loyal to him? Carol's day takes an unexpected turn when she makes a surprising discovery about Charlie. Dean offers a helping hand, but he is hiding his true intentions.

    Tuesday July 29: Carol faces the day where her life will change forever. Shirley is forced to take matters into her own hands in order to protect her loved ones.

  • Wednesday July 23: Daz is exposed. Donna's secret relationship is uncovered. Harriet is determined to make amends.

    Thursday July 24: Kerry has a mountain to climb. Finn's date goes horribly wrong. Charity gets protective.

    Friday July 25: Finn's nightmare is far from over. Kerry is on a misson. Sam's error of judgment becomes costly.

    Monday July 28: Ross has an unwanted visitor. Pete tells Debbie he loves her. Bernice returns full of hope.

    Tuesday July 29: Donna plays a dangerous game. Leyla feels an unexpected spark. Bernice makes a spectacle of herself.

  • Wednesday July 23: Katy struggles to accept her sexuality, and Dermot discovers the reason for Jo's behaviour. Christy steels himself to face an uncertain future, while Decco asks Louise to go out.

    Thursday July 24: Callum is shaken when an old face turns up in town, and Katy has a moment of clarity. Christy arrives home from hospital but is shocked by what awaits him.

    Sunday July 27: Katy surprises herself in an act of defiance, while Callum finds himself in debt to an intriguing stranger. Sean's support makes Christy see him differently and Judith and Bob struggle to find time together.

    Tuesday July 29: Christy changes his will, but Sean struggles to be grateful when he is left the shop. Katie seeks refuge with Laura but is shocked to be sent home to her mum. Callum is pressured into stealing a car from Paul.

  • Wednesday July 23: Naomi, heartbroken and still in shock from her row with her mother, determines to leave town. With no money and no job, she eventually turns to Brennan for help and somewhere to live. Paige's attempt to include herself in Lauren's portrait comes too late. Brad reluctantly applies for a teaching position after a failed job interview.

    Thursday July 24: As Amber's relationship with Daniel progresses, she wrestles with the best way to break up with Josh. Josh, meanwhile, has troubles of his own when it transpires that a boy from school has been injured trying to copy one of his skate stunts. Naomi's hopes for a reconciliation with Sheila are dashed when her mother hands her a cheque which would enable her to leave town for good. Paige's feelings of rejection become too much.

    Friday July 25: Daniel manages to help Josh out of a tight spot, which only exacerbates his guilt about his affair with Amber. Matt tries to improve his relationship with Bailey. When Karl learns about all the work Terese has been doing on Paul's behalf, he becomes seriously concerned about Paul's ability to continue as mayor.

    Monday July 28: No episode listed for today.

    Tuesday July 29: No episode listed for today.

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