• Wednesday Aug 27: Steve is shocked by Peter's request. How will Tyrone and Fiz cope? Luke and Katy act on their feelings.

    Thursday Aug 28: A chance to take a look behind the scenes of one of the nation's favourite soaps. With so many episodes filmed every week, it is little wonder that out-takes pile up faster than empties in the Rovers, and there are bags of bloopers and more. Narrated by Matthew Kelly.

    Friday Aug 29: Ep 1: Will Jim still have a hold over Liz? Fiz and Tyrone get more bad news. Michelle struggles with Tracy's demands.
    Ep 2: Will Peter give into temptation? The Grimshaws turn on each other. Dev gets into Julie's bad books.

    Monday Sept 1: Ep 1: Peter is rushed to hospital. Kylie tries to make a good impression. Can Jason deal with his guilt?

    Ep 2: Will Carla visit a dying Peter? Max's behaviour causes concern. Fiz is not impressed by Tony.

  • Thursday Aug 28: With Ian's life falling apart around him, he finds himself in an unexpected situation. Mick has some apologising to do, but will he be forgiven?

    Friday Aug 29: Haunted by recent events, Linda makes a big decision, while Denise makes a shocking discovery. Rainie makes a promise to Cora. Peter's behaviour stuns both Lola and Lauren.

    Monday Sept 1: Kat is shocked when an unexpected visitor arrives on her doorstep. Bianca is crushed when she overhears some upsetting news. Charlie panics when he thinks his secret has been revealed.

    Tuesday Sept 2: Alfie has a proposition for Kat and her answer leaves him elated, but his day soon takes a turn for the worse. After misinterpreting TJ's actions Terry is determined not to make the same mistake again. Charlie is in for a shock when Carol reveals her plan to see if he can be trusted.

  • Wednesday Aug 27: Aaron's loyalty is tested. Marlon's grief gets the better of him. Sean plays the matchmaker.

    Thursday Aug 28: Ep 1: Debbie fears that Ross is a liability. Ashley is at the end of his tether. Finn receives a promising message.
    Ep 2: Marlon and Ross lock horns. April begins to understand the awful truth. Harriet surprises herself.

    Friday Aug 29: Marlon lies to Laurel. Ross is overpowered by grief. Pete is eager to take the next step.

    Monday Sept 1: Ross sticks the knife in. Loved-up Andy has a plan. Kerry is caught out.

    Tuesday Sept 2: Gabby causes mayhem. Ali looks for comfort. Debbie fights for Pete.

  • Wednesday Aug 27: Dan gets an unexpected visitor, while Wayne unwittingly insults Orla. Laura struggles to make things clear to Katy, while Max thinks he has the solution to Christy's problems.

    Thursday Aug 28: Dan lies that he cheated on Yvonne rather than come clean about his dark past. Katy finds solace in family when she cannot face Laura, while Farrah and Max try to force Christy's hand but drive him closer to Sean. Wayne tries to flatter Orla but offends Junior's christening photographer.

    Sunday Aug 31: Dan faces his demons and tries to win Yvonne back, but can he ever regain her trust? Katy and Eoghan bond but she continues to lie about her sexuality. Christy agrees to sell the shop but isolates himself from both Farrah and Sean, while Wayne and Orla enjoy a successful christening.

    Tuesday Sept 2: Eoghan comes dangerously close to uncovering Katie's secret, while Sean's plan to get Christy back into Phelan's badly backfires. Yvonne struggles to forgive a repentant Dan. Niamh and Michael find moving on can be very awkward.

  • Wednesday Aug 27: Matt will not let Paige off with a warning for the damage she caused to Harold's, much to Lauren's horror. When she later learns that Terese was the one who reported Paige to the police, she is astounded and asks her to drop the charges. Terese refuses. Georgia reluctantly goes to see Karl with a sore throat, but begins to worry when he orders a biopsy. Tired of his ill-gotten fame, Karl conspires with Toadie to pin responsibility for the erotic writing on Lou.

    Thursday Aug 28: Georgia alienates Kyle with her refusal to tell him about her biopsy, leaving him to learn the news when he overhears her conversation. Lou and Kathy revisit their past. Will they ever be reconciled? Sheila battles with a series of fantasies inspired by Karl's writing and hides in the Waterhole's cold storage room. Meanwhile, Paul heads out there to check the stock and unwittingly lets the door swing shut.

    Friday Aug 29: Sheila and Paul's close confinement unexpectedly leads to the pair opening up emotionally. Bailey's rival for space camp, Alice, hijacks his talk in class just when he was hoping to address his fear of public speaking. Josh has some success with his job hunt at Brad's expense when the gym calls about an interview.

    Monday Sept 1: Everyone has an opinion about whether Josh is making the right decision taking the manager's job at Dingoes. Susan and Karl host the secretive nephew of an old family friend who immediately starts turning heads around town. Overwork is causing Toadie to make crucial mistakes, so Sonya proposes a solution. Will she regret speaking up?

    Tuesday Sept 2: Toadie is in two minds about Naomi returning to work for him. Naomi is not sure either, but the two soon fall into the old rhythm. Chris's date with the new boy in town, Nate, turns into a flirty group picnic, at least until a drunken yob interrupts the festivities, setting off a surprising reaction from Nate. Paul decides to join a dating site.

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