• Wednesday July 16: Determined Peter protests his innocence. Will Andrea's double life be revealed? Maddie cuts all contact with Ben.

    Friday July 18: Ep 1: Will Dennis win back Rita's heart? Peter realises his family think he is guilty. Andrea prepares to leave Neil.
    Ep 2: Heartbroken Lloyd discovers the truth. Will Tracy and Deirdre stand by Peter? Dennis worms his way into Rita's affections.

    Monday July 21: Ep 1: Deirdre makes a shocking confession. Neil suspects that Steve is Andrea's man. Owen receives a summons.
    Ep 2: Can Lloyd ever forgive Andrea? Tactless Tracy cashes in. Owen breaks some difficult news.

  • Thursday July 17: The Beales are informed of the latest developments in Lucy's murder investigation. Lee discovers Tina's secret scheme. Jay is stunned when he learns what Max has been up to.

    Friday July 18: Patrick helps Ian out and stumbles across a secret. A traumatised Sharon resorts to worrying measures to keep her secret safe. Jay confronts Max following his discovery. Tina is pleased to see a familiar face.

    Monday July 21: Patrick is on the warpath following his discovery. After receiving some news, the Butchers rally round Carol. Phil is keen for Sharon to get better but will she take his advice?

    Tuesday July 22: Denise struggles to come to terms with recent events. Whitney continues to play games with Lee, but has she gone too far? Trying to be helpful, Linda stumbles across an alarming discovery.

  • Wednesday July 16: Priya opens up to Rakesh. Adam gets a lesson in crime. Pete proves his worth.

    Thursday July 17: David takes his anger out on Alicia. Adam is determined to rile James. Dan is jealous of Kerry and Daz.

    Friday July 18: Dan's world starts to crumble. Adam loses his last ally. Jai persists in exposing Rakesh.

    Monday July 21: Daz seizes his opportunity. Finn begins to unravel. David looks after his own interests.

    Tuesday July 22: A troubled Kerry waits at the church for Dan. Laurel comes clean about how she feels. Harriet goes a step too far.

  • Wednesday July 16: A heartbroken Michael warns Niamh to keep her distance, while Katy's crush on Laura grows. Decco shocks Louise when he refuses to be used. Christy resorts to desperate measures, so Carol is forced to hit him with harsh facts.

    Thursday July 17: Eoghan is thrilled Katy has found work with Laura, but he is quick to change his mind when he discovers Laura is gay. Louise insists Michael does not tell Decco about their fling. Meanwhile, Jo sees Bob's absence as an opportunity, and with test results looming, Christy fears he could receive devastating news.

    Sunday July 20: Katy lies in a bid to keep her secret from Eoghan, while Christy hears some more devastating news. Decco's blind date turns out to be an unwelcome surprise, and Jo finds an unlikely ally.

    Tuesday July 22: Katy decides to get physical with Callum, while Dermot's suspicion over Jo's behaviour grows. Christy struggles to accept his condition and Louise builds bridges with Decco.

  • Wednesday July 16: Paige considers telling Josh about the secret tension between Daniel and his girlfriend, but finds that she does not have the heart. Instead, she confronts Amber about her feelings. Imogen can no longer deny that she is attracted to Ethan. Bored of people perceiving her as a good girl who doesn't take risks, she skips school to spend time with him. Bailey works hard to gain his parents' forgiveness.

    Thursday July 17: Terese, already under stress from trying to help Paul through his depression, and further agitated by the news of Imogen's truancy, signs an important document on Paul's behalf without his authorisation. Brad also suffers when he arrives late to work to find Ricky, his boss, there before him. When Ricky finds out that Brad has used the gym to run private yoga classes, he is sacked on the spot. Paige begs Ethan to leave town.

    Friday July 18: Sonya and Toadie struggle to spend any quality time together and end up arguing. Naomi is quick to repeat her suggestion that they spend some time apart, and the couple reluctantly begin to see her point. Josh offers to help Amber with her photography, but his attention soon wanes, leaving her alone with Daniel. Finally, the pair share a passionate kiss. Karl is unsure that Paul is fit to be mayor after he witnesses an emotional exchange between Paul and Terese.

    Monday July 21: When she learns that Sonya has gone away for a long weekend, Naomi decides that the time has come to let Toadie know how she feels about him. After an evening spent bonding over dinner and a DVD, she surprises him with a kiss. Loose lips are also causing trouble elsewhere as Daniel and Amber avoid each other in the wake of their encounter. Brennan reminds Kyle and Georgia how lucky they are to have each other.

    Tuesday July 22: Sheila's suspicions about her daughter's designs on Toadie are confirmed when she takes it upon herself to visit his house and finds the two of them together. Toadie, still reeling, consults Karl for advice and begins to see the ways in which Naomi has repeatedly manipulated situations to spend time with him. When she arrives later to speak to him, he fires her. Devastated, she provokes an altercation with Sheila, who then reveals an upsetting family secret. Paige comes close to telling Lauren that she is her daughter after she discovers that Lauren is working on a family portrait.

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