• Wednesday March 25: Steve has a proposition for Michelle. Faye sets an idea in motion. Can Bethany gain Audrey's sympathy?

    Friday March 27: No episode listed for tonight.

    Sunday March 29: Bethany runs circles around Nick. David feels downcast. Are Steve and Michelle facing a long engagement?

    Monday March 30: Ep 1: Has Tony been stringing Tracy along? Sarah arrives to reveal the truth about Bethany. Tim suspects something is wrong.

    Ep 2: Can Tony contain Tracy's wrath? Sarah and Bethany go to war. Loyal Craig is in the hot seat.

  • Thursday March 26: Cindy is forced to deal with the consequences of her actions and receives advice from an unexpected place. Ian and Sharon pay a visit to Dot but can they get through to her?

    Friday March 27: Tensions run high for the Mitchells and Beales. Donna confronts Martin about his secret.

    Monday March 30: Phil Mitchell is back in Albert Square, but can Sharon get to the bottom of where he has been? Kat learns a horrifying truth. Jane and Ian explain their plans to Cindy, but they don't get the reaction they were expecting.

    Tuesday March 31: Phil continues with his plan to get the Arches back but learns a shocking truth. Cindy gives the Beales an ultimatum. The Carters pull together for Stan, but he soon takes a turn for the worse.

  • Wednesday March 25: Pearl tries to make amends. Jimmy takes more drastic measures. Ross struggles with Carly's connection to Donna.

    Thursday March 26: Ep 1: Ross does Carly a favour. Robert makes a shocking confession to Aaron. Jimmy makes a big decision for his family.
    Ep 2: Aaron is stunned by Robert's admission. Finn's hopes are dashed. Carly is surprised by Bob's generosity.

    Friday March 27: Victoria is shocked by Adam's birthday gift. Robert goes to great lengths to appease Aaron. Priya tries to improve Georgia's love life.

    Monday March 30: Victoria feels the pressure. Laurel finds a new way to hide her habit. Darren gets a nasty shock.

    Tuesday March 31: Finn is determined to find out who sabotaged his relationship. Victoria struggles to hide her doubts. Priya plays matchmaker.

  • Wednesday March 25: Bronagh's put in a compromising position when she uncovers Carol and Robbie's affair. Dean's lies backfire on him, and Farrah makes an unexpected decision. Jo's determination to start a business comes between her and Dermot.

    Thursday March 26: Farrah and Max face an uncertain future when Max reaches a pivotal decision. Dan grows suspicious as Carol and Robbie continue to spin a web of lies. Paul jeopardises Jo's business plans and Dean and Louise attempt to put aside their differences and work together.

    Sunday March 29: Dan's suspicions force him to take action, but will Carol and Robbie's affair finally be revealed? Farrah makes a heart breaking decision and Louise convinces Dean to confide in Leo. An unexpected investor comes to Jo's rescue, but is it too late to convince Paul?

    Tuesday March 31: Leo's attempt to bail out Dean goes terribly wrong and Dan's anger boils over as Carol comes to visit. Loved-up Decco and Kerri-Ann get a surprise visitor and a new face in Carrigstown piques Laura's interest.

  • Wednesday March 25: Brennan thinks that Matt is lying about receiving a large chunk of back-pay from work, and when he sees him with Dimato discussing a 'severance package' his worst fears are confirmed. After some encouragement, Nick manages to persuade Georgia to donate blood even though she is scared of needles. Instead of preparing his visa documentation, Nate spends his time messing around with Tyler's remote-controlled cars, leading Chris to wonder if Nate is as keen about the baby as he is.

    Thursday March 26: Matt comes clean to Brennan about working for Dimato and confesses all to Lauren. In a surprising move, Brennan has a proposition which might save Matt's career and put Dimato behind bars. Paige and Tyler's romance escalates but in the heat of the moment she calls out Brennan's name. A blast from the past, Janelle Timmins, arrives back in town to take part in the bake-off, and her rivalry with Susan is immediately reignited.

    Friday March 27: Acknowledging that she is not over Brennan, Paige tries to rectify her friendship with Tyler and agrees to keep things platonic, but how long can they keep their hands off each other? Lauren is left reeling by Matt's revelations of his illegal dealings with Dimato and the pair are left wondering if there is any way back. Paul sets out to derail Daniel and Amber's wedding, starting by ensuring that Amber is out of town during the final preparations.

    Monday March 30: At Dimato's request Tyler does some digging and learns that the police do not consider him a priority, but when he asks Tyler to search Brennan's room he refuses and Dimato warns Tyler not to cross him. In the latest move in his game of seduction, Nick invites Georgia to a medical conference for a whole weekend. Madge encourages Harold to move on and go on a date with Sheila, but he flees when it gets physical - Madge was the only woman in Harold's life and he does not want another partner.

    Tuesday March 31: Georgia turns on Nick when she overhears him and Paul discussing the bet to woo her, and Kyle tells him in no uncertain terms to stay away from his wife. Matt hits the bottle when the situation with Lauren does not improve, but will his actions make matters worse? Nina Tucker sneaks into town and tries to stay incognito, but when an opportunity arises to work at the hotel she jumps at it, maybe this will be her chance to recapture her past.

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