• Wednesday Jan 28: Will Todd catch Tony and Tracy in the act? David gets ready to fight for Max. Tim confronts Kevin and Sally.

    Friday Jan 30: Ep 1: What is Callum up to? Todd forms an evil plan. Norris owes Maddie an apology.
    Ep 2: Steve and Sinead try to look to the future. Poisonous Todd feeds Jason's jealousy. Maddie pays Norris back.

    Monday Feb 2: Ep 1: Eva warns Callum to stay away. Chesney goes behind Sinead's back. Norris has an evil glint in his eye.

    Ep 2: David's worst nightmare becomes real. Chesney confesses to Sinead. Maddie has revenge on her mind.

  • Thursday Jan 29: The Carters attempt business as usual at the Vic. Sharon finds herself in the firing line of Phil's wrath. Shabnam reveals a secret which has haunted her for years.

    Friday Jan 30: Tongues start to wag about the Carters as the residents of Walford take sides. Stacey persuades Shabnam to tell her the full story of her revelation and is totally floored when she reveals everything.

    Monday Feb 2: When word spreads round Walford about Dean, his business begins to suffer. Will he accept a way out? Jane gets some bad news which results in her making a strange choice when it comes to her wedding outfit. Can Sonia save the day? Stan continues his quest to get Tina on board with his plan.

    Tuesday Feb 3: Desperate to help her father but torn about what she should do, Tina looks to her family for support. Lauren makes a big decision but will she get the answer she is hoping for?

  • Wednesday Jan 28: Pete is forced to tell Debbie the truth. Belle struggles to keep things together. Leyla tries to talk sense into Megan.

    Thursday Jan 29: Ep 1: James suffers an accident at work. Katie is convinced she has got the upper hand. Nicola breaks down.
    Ep 2: James's life hangs in the balance. Robert is alerted to Katie's plan. Pete builds bridges with Emma.

    Friday Jan 30: Andy is furious at Katie's actions. Debbie is taken aback by Pete's decision. Aaron confides in Paddy.

    Monday Feb 2: Robert seeks revenge against Katie. Chrissie worries about Lachlan. Laurel gives in to temptation.

    Tuesday Feb 3: Katie is shocked by Robert's threat. Rodney is uncomfortable with Georgia's suggestion. Sam's loyalties are divided.

  • Wednesday Jan 28: Max is stunned to learn that Sean reported him to the Gardaí. Max makes a bold move to save his marriage, and Robbie's frustration with Dan boils over. Ama and Dr Jim are on a collision course.

    Thursday Jan 29: Bob is in for a huge shock when he meets the new doctor and Farrah is confused when Max confesses yet another secret. Meanwhile, Carol has a few home truths for Dan.

    Sunday Feb 1: Jim's revelation shocks Bob, and Farrah confronts Sean. Dan makes a decision about his future, while Kerri-Ann has a big decision to make.

    Tuesday Feb 3: Max tries to win Farrah back but she reaches a life-altering decision of her own. When Dolores has a setback, Jim doles out stern advice to Pete. Jane and Niamh go head to head while Katy's future plans come as a shock to Eoghan and Debbie.

  • Wednesday Jan 28: Sonya is devastated by Erin's alleged betrayal, but Erin is adamant that she is still sober. The radio station bar opening falls flat and it is up to Imogen to save the day. Lauren unwittingly borrows Paige's laptop and discovers her saucy little secret - she has been carrying on an online relationship with Bryson.

    Thursday Jan 29: Erin admits that she is not yet ready to meet her daughter Cat. Kyle and Naomi prepare for Sheila's return from the hospital by clearing the house of any food which might be bad for her heart. Brad gets back into the swing of things by working on his first surfboard, but grows frustrated with Terese and Paige when they start pushing their own ideas for expanding the business.

    Friday Jan 30: Sheila is downcast after her latest health scare, believing that it is only a matter of time before her body fails her again. Daniel hastily organises a drop-in event to win back Amber's affection, but his plan backfires when Josh turns up and the pair squabble over her. Naomi tries to persuade Paul to hire her as events manager for the Erinsborough Festival, but he is far from convinced that he needs her help.

    Monday Feb 2: Daniel confronts Imogen about her feelings for him but she denies the charge and berates Josh for putting the idea in his head. When Lucy returns to Erinsborough, Chris must decide whether or not to have a baby with her and consider what it would mean for his relationship with Nate. Naomi presents Paul with a series of mystery birthday gifts in an attempt to win his confidence and secure the events manager job.

    Tuesday Feb 3: Sonya and Toadie try to help mend Erin's relationship with her estranged daughter Cat, but emotions run high and Sonya manages to make a mess of their meeting. Knowing that it is not what Nate wants, Chris tells Lucy that he cannot be the father of her child. Lauren is concerned that the Turner children will not invest their windfall responsibly and negotiations between them break down.

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