• Wednesday Feb 25: Tracy causes problems for Tony. Has Sophie had a change of heart? Rita receives a birthday surprise.

    Friday Feb 27: Ep 1: Tony has a brush with the law. Luke is looking for some help. Rita issues a warning.
    Ep 2: Tony juggles Liz and Tracy. Luke owns up to Maria. Rita reflects on the evening.

    Monday March 2: Ep 1: Liz has a run-in with Tracy. Jenny tries to repay Rita. Steph becomes a surprise visitor.

    Ep 2: David is frightened of losing Max. Will Andy confess to Michael? Tim worries about Faye.

  • Thursday Feb 26: Mick arranges a surprise for Linda but Nancy has other things on her mind. Carol offers some advice to Sharon. Elaine is back in Albert Square.

    Friday Feb 27: With Linda by her side, Sharon makes a difficult visit. Linda asks for a word with Mick and Nancy - can she bring her family back together?

    Monday March 2: The police arrive with worrying news about Dean. Shirley receives advice from an unlikely foe. Nancy continues to pressure Mick and Linda, but will she reveal the truth to Shirley?

    Tuesday March 3: Things get too much for Linda, and she eventually reveals her fears to her mum. The pressure grows for both Kim and Kat, causing the pair to let their hair down at the Vic.

  • Wednesday Feb 25: David and Alicia disagree over Lachlan. Cain visits Charity. Jimmy pulls out all the stops for Nicola.

    Thursday Feb 26: Lachlan crosses the line. Ali pleads with Sam to stop Rachel leaving. Rodney misreads things with Georgia.

    Friday Feb 27: Lachlan makes a false admission. Tracy is determined to fight for Sam. Pollard causes a catastrophe at the bed and breakfast.

    Monday March 2: Chrissie worries that Lawrence has made things worse. Jimmy makes a sacrifice for Nicola. Rachel wants Tracy out of the Dingles.

    Tuesday March 3: Alicia faces tough times. Finn is concerned for Val. Rachel finds a solution to her problem.

  • Wednesday Feb 25: Wayne and Orla are shaken as Junior's health deteriorates. In the wake of Callum's departure, Rachel finds an unlikely confidante. Meanwhile, Kerri-Ann fears that Frank does not care about her commitment to the salon.

    Thursday Feb 26: When Junior's condition doesn't improve, Orla worries their secret will be discovered. A jealous Charlotte stirs it up for Rachel, and Kerri-Ann's plans for the salon backfire.

    Sunday March 1: Orla and Wayne plunge deeper into turmoil when Junior's condition fails to improve. Leo makes a frightening discovery about Dean, and Rachel is mortified when Niamh jumps to conclusions.

    Tuesday March 3: A further revelation from Orla and Wayne floors Caoimhe. There is a rude awakening in store for Dean who is badgered by Leo to quit boxing, and a fed-up Decco gives Charlotte an ultimatum while Renee and Katy clash over work.

  • Wednesday Feb 25: Matt quits his highly paid security guard job after discovering that it meant working for Dimato Industries, but it leaves him unable to keep up with the mortgage repayments and he is forced to ask his kids for financial support. Brennan bails his little brother Tyler out of jail and offers him a place to stay, just as long as he pays his way and acts responsibly. Naomi and Brennan stop tip-toeing around each other and finally act on the simmering attraction.

    Thursday Feb 26: The Turners are left reeling after discovering that all of their money has been stolen using Paige's identity, leading them to believe that her online boyfriend Bryson is to blame. Paul and Lauren are concerned that Daniel and Amber are rushing into getting married so soon after their reconciliation and decide that something must be done to put a halt to it. The ladies of Ramsay Street are aghast to learn that there is an underwear thief operating in the area.

    Friday Feb 27: Kyle stuns Georgia when he tells her that he wants to try for a baby, but she is still fearful after her previous miscarriage and is not sure if she is ready. Lauren and Paul do their best to put the brakes on Daniel and Amber's wedding plans, roping in Lou for support, but their plan backfires when Daniel wins Lou over with a heartfelt speech and the betrothed couple have a powerful new ally. Kyle, Lou and Karl are all suspected in the case of the underwear thief.

    Monday March 2: Paige arranges to meet Bryson in an effort to get the families money back, but is she putting herself in danger? Georgia keeps her fear about trying for another baby from Kyle, but cannot help confiding in Susan. In a foolhardy attempt to impress the ladies in their lives for Valentine's Day, Kyle, Toadie, Chris and Karl decide to get tattoos of their partner's names but are dismayed to learn afterwards that they have been given the wrong ones. When Sheila steps in to help Lou at the store, a customer observes that they seem like a loving couple, much to their dismay.

    Tuesday March 3: Strapped for cash, Tyler tries to sell his bike to Dimato, who makes a counter offer of some casual work. Brennan and Naomi's relationship is more than casual, but neither of them is willing to admit that to the other. Paige finally meets Bryson, the suspected identity thief, but he is adamant that he is innocent. Paul gets the community service workers to collect rubbish around Lassiter's, leaving Terese fuming.

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