• Wednesday September 30: Can Kevin convince Tim to forgive and forget? Fiz and Tyrone face uncertain times. The Platts struggle to focus.

    Friday October 2: No episode listed for tonight.

    Monday October 5: Tim warns Sally that she will be a laughing stock. Carla is shocked by a blast from her past. Exhausted Tyrone feels the pressure.
    Ep 2: Will Tim turn up to marry Sally? Carla is wrong-footed by Aidan's deception. Tyrone lands himself in hot water.

  • Thursday October 1: Families reach breaking point as the fallout of recent events continues to send shockwaves around the Square. Carol contemplates the future. Linda has a heart-to-heart with Lee.

    Friday October 2: As Carol prepares to leave Walford, the residents of Albert Square reel from the previous day's events and start to look to the future. Lauren takes matters into her own hands. Phil's plan begins to fall apart.

    Monday October 5: Elaine's new man makes himself at home in the Vic, but how will Linda react? Ian and Bobby return to the Square, but their arrival doesn't quite go to plan.

    Tuesday October 6: Ian reaches breaking point and resorts to drastic measures. A jealous Babe takes matters into her own hands. Kush has a heart-to-heart with Shabnam.

  • Wednesday September 30: Andy and Aaron struggle over the shooting. Kirin is unnerved by Belle's strong feelings. Pollard gets his revenge.

    Thursday October 1: Lawrence takes matters into his own hands. Cain grows conflicted over Kyle. Sam struggles as Megan prepares to move on.

    Friday October 2: Bernice is rocked by Lawrence's decision. Will Pollard's actions push David away for good? Kerry reveals too much to Kyle.

    Monday October 5: Vanessa avoids reality. Pollard cuts ties with David. Cain is horrified by what Kyle learned.

    Tuesday October 6: Vanessa is upset by Victoria. Debbie makes a breakthrough with Cain. Leyla stumbles upon a new business idea.

  • Wednesday September 30: Orla is shocked when she assumes Dolores, Pete and Wayne are ganging up on her. Niamh offers to help Paul with Rachel but Paul recruits Jackie instead. As Charlotte freaks about being caught, Mondo worries Decco will learn he involved her. While things remain cool between Jo and Dermot, Ama makes a move on Shane.

    Thursday October 1: When Orla decides to move out of Molloy's, Wayne delivers a devastating blow. Wayne and Orla reach breaking point, and Ama makes a bold move as sparks fly between her and Shane. Charlotte is determined to get her own back when Nina lands her in trouble with Decco. Paul realises his flirtations with Jackie could be making Niamh jealous.

    Sunday October 4: Ama reveals her secret to Shane, while Charlotte discovers Sash's. Wayne and Orla struggle in their new home, as Paul and Niamh put the brakes on their growing closeness. And as Jo and Dermot say goodbye, they realise how lucky they are to have each other.

    Tuesday October 6: Wayne and Orla's living arrangement starts to cause serious tensions, but Niamh might have a solution. Meanwhile Wayne puts his foot in it with Damien and Caoimhe. Tommy struggles to stay positive while he's looking for work and Charlotte resolves to out a cheating Nina.

  • Wednesday September 30: Imogen is torn when she spies Naomi doing the walk of shame from the Willis house, knowing that keeping the information to herself could ruin her relationship with Daniel. Daniel finds Naomi's ring at Josh's and immediately goes to break the news to Paul. When Amy's debit card is declined at Harold's she complains to Kyle, wrongly accusing him of short-changing her on her bonus. Mark seeks advice from Kyle on how to bridge the age gap between him and Paige.

    Thursday October 1: Naomi's fear that Paul will be furious about her indiscretion with Josh prove unfounded, when he forgives her and later shakes hands with Josh. Brad confronts Terese when he finds out that she has backed out of a verbal agreement with Lauren to renovate Harold's. Nate and Aaron's first proper date gets off to a bad start, but when they finally admit that they are both trying too hard things improve and they share their first kiss.

    Friday October 2: Brad and Terese's youngest child, Pippa, returns home from Canada and has an eventful first day, first meeting half-sister Paige, and then bumping into a kind stranger. When The Heat performs at The Waterhole, Nate sees a different side of Aaron and wonders if he has made a mistake trying to date someone so different from him. When Lauren approaches Toadie seeking legal redress for the failed renovations at Harold's, Terese puts Imogen's loyalties to the test.

    Monday October 5: Terese finally reunites with Susan. When she and Brad share a tender moment with Piper, Terese laments the mess she has made of her marriage and breaks down in tears. Piper distracts Ben when he is locking up the garage and when Tyler comes to grab his bikes he is shocked to find that the garage has been robbed. Aaron updates The Heat's social media page to say that he is gay, with surprising results. Brad and Lauren struggle to keep their relationship platonic.

    Tuesday October 6: When Paige helps Tyler track down his missing bikes he gets caught up in the moment and kisses her, prompting Paige to ask him if he has feelings for her. After overhearing Susan and Karl talk about how difficult it has been with him staying with them, Ben decides to leave Ramsay Street. Amy admits that there is a spark between her and Kyle, but when the pair share a moment together it is interrupted but an unexpected arrival, Amy's ex-husband Liam.

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