• Wednesday Aug 20: Will Ken report Peter's drinking? Neil's actions unnerve Lloyd. Nick will not drop the act.

    Friday Aug 22: Ep 1: Leanne resorts to drastic measures. Jim manipulates a desperate Peter. Will Maddie save the day?
    Ep 2: Nick and Leanne bury the hatchet. Will Carla report Maddie? Peter appeals to Steve.

    Monday Aug 25: Ep 1: Tragedy strikes Tyrone and Fiz. Will Max put a spanner in the works? Sparks fly between Katy and Luke.

    Ep 2: Tyrone is rushed to hospital. Kylie's fears get the better of her. Tony worries for Jason.

  • Thursday Aug 21: Some shocking home truths are revealed about Charlie. Emma Summerhayes makes an arrest but she may come to regret her actions. Lauren isn't impressed when she sees Dean's true colours.

    Friday Aug 22: Dot is delivered some devastating news. Wracked with guilt, Ian has a change of heart, but he may come to regret it. With Lauren slipping away from him, Peter decides whether to reveal his true feelings.

    Monday Aug 25: Mick comes up with a cunning plan to try and lift Linda's spirits. Bianca goes to great lengths to hide her secret, but not everyone is so keen to keep it under wraps. A markedly different Patrick makes a return to the Square.

    Tuesday Aug 26: After realising the impact of his actions, Mick delivers an ultimatum. Ian desperately tries to stop his past from catching up with him, but it may be too late. Peter has a surprising announcement for Lauren.

  • Wednesday Aug 20: Moira pleads with Marlon to save her son. Ross confronts Aaron. Charity blackmails Jimmy.

    Thursday Aug 21: Ep 1: Chas is on a mission to get her son back. Cain pays a visit to Ross. Vanessa is mortified by the arrival of Rakesh's son.
    Ep 2: Laurel is spooked by a visit from the police. Chas is gutted by Aaron's decision. Vanessa vows to teach new boy Kirin a lesson.

    Friday Aug 22: James steps up to protect Chas and Aaron. April goes missing. Finn is conflicted about his family.

    Monday Aug 25: April refuses to accept that Donna is gone. Edna's admission riles Paddy. Vanessa holds on to happiness.

    Tuesday Aug 26: No episode listed for tonight.

  • Wednesday Aug 20: Robbie offers Dan a way to ease his conscience, while Mondo goes to a gig with Kerri-Ann as friends. Christy is upset when Farrah embarrasses him in front of his friends, and Katy's crush on Laura grows.

    Thursday Aug 21: Katy gets herself a date, while Farrah focuses on Christy's rehabilitation. Mondo and Kerri-Ann enjoy their newfound friendship, and Dan's attempt to split Carol and Robbie up backfires.

    Sunday Aug 24: Charlie gets devastating news, while Robbie warns Dan to bury the past. Katy acts on her impulses, and Mondo and Kerri-Ann struggle to get on with their lives.

    Tuesday Aug 26: Dan attempts to face up to his dark secret, while Christy frets about Max's return from New Zealand. Orla gets annoyed with Wayne's behaviour around another woman, and Laura tries to let Katy down gently.

  • Wednesday Aug 20: Paige's gift finally makes Lauren understand that she is her long-lost daughter. She catches up with her just before she leaves town and, after a heartfelt reunion, introduces Brad to his daughter. Matt and Terese, also reeling from the discovery, make sure that they say all the right things to their respective families, but secretly vow to cut Paige from their lives.

    Thursday Aug 21: Brad has his reservations about finally finding his daughter and pushes Paige to have a DNA test. Amber finds herself feeling jealous as she watches Josh and Imogen bond with Paige in the wake of the news. She runs to Daniel, who then surprises her by asking her to move in with him. Chris faces a dilemma when both Kyle and Georgia ask if he will be their right-hand man at their wedding.

    Friday Aug 22: Paul has his doubts when he hears that Daniel has asked Amber to move in - with good reason, as she reluctantly declines the offer, saying that things are moving too fast. Lucy commandeers Chris to babysit Nell with her and stuns him when she asks if he would consider fathering her baby. The residents of Ramsay Street place bets on the identity of the erotica writer.

    Monday Aug 25: Josh takes Naomi up on her offer of a day's work storing delivery boxes. Talk quickly gets round to his experiences of online dating, which results in Naomi showing him her own online profile. Josh makes a clumsy pass at her, but she rejects him. However, things hot up later that evening when the pair are confined in the lift together. Chris, still reeling from Lucy's request that he father her child, asks around for advice. Karl worries that his exposure as the erotica writer has made him into a laughing stock.

    Tuesday Aug 26: Paige visits Kathy in hospital and is surprised to be welcomed with open arms. Conflicted, she confides in Brad that she is uncomfortable with the way Kathy has glossed over the pain she caused the family. Naomi changes her mind at the last minute about how far she is willing to go with Josh, leaving him feeling dejected. An eyewitness comes forward to report having seen Paige trash Harold's store, forcing Paige to confess.

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