• Wednesday Dec 24: Gary feels isolated from his family. Will Kylie give in to her demons? Lloyd is shocked by news of Jenna.

    Thursday Dec 25: Does Kylie stand to lose everything? Steve pulls out all the festive stops. Gary ruins Faye's Christmas.

    Friday Dec 26: Ep 1: Will Gary resort to desperate measures? Roy struggles to control his nerves. David's news shocks the Street.
    Ep 2: The highs and lows of life on Britain's most famous Street.

    Monday Dec 29: Ep 1: Steve's debts catch up with him. Will Gary be honest with the police? Leanne threatens Gavin's cover.

    Ep 2: Will Steve face up to the pressure? A shocked Anna discovers the truth. Gavin covers his tracks.

  • Wednesday Dec 24: It is Christmas Eve on Albert Square and Mick is planning on a very special Christmas, unaware of the dark secrets that surround his family. Meanwhile Ian has a smile put back on his face, but how long will it last?

    Thursday Dec 25: With secrets rife, the Carters are set to explode. The Beales do their best to enjoy Christmas despite their beloved Lucy not being there, but there is a particularly eerie twist coming amid the Christmas presents. Is it a message from Lucy's killer?

    Friday Dec 26: Life for the Carters continues to explode - can they ever recover? Elsewhere one resident looks set to depart, but will they go as planned?

    Monday Dec 29: With secrets and lies exposed, will the Walford residents ever be the same again?

    Tuesday Dec 30: A familiar face returns to Albert Square. Emma continues to grow suspicious of her friends and neighbours.

  • Wednesday Dec 24: Andy and Robert's feud reaches boiling point. Charity manipulates Cain. Bernice finds comfort in an unlikely source.

    Thursday Dec 25: It is Andy and Katie's wedding day. Cain tries to cover his suspicious behaviour. Lachlan offers Belle a way to ease her problems.

    Friday Dec 26: Jai leaves Megan with a dilemma. Katie has an idea regarding Robert. Belle is hopeful when offered a lifeline.

    Monday Dec 29: Megan wonders if she can trust Jai. Nicola is concerned. Belle is grateful for Katie's support.

    Tuesday Dec 30: Nicola struggles as she hides the truth. Belle turns to Lachlan for help. Jai is angry to discover Megan's secret.

  • Wednesday Dec 24: A guilty Mondo panics about Juliet's present and Charlie continues to push people away. Niamh feels torn between Michael and her children, while Pete and Jackie reminisce. As Paul prepares for an awkward Christmas, he is surprised when an old face shows up on his doorstep.

    Thursday Dec 25: Sparks fly when Niamh clashes with Nicola, who only gets closer to Paul when her lie is discovered. Zoe teaches Charlie the real meaning of Christmas and Mondo reaches a heartbreaking decision, while Pete's quest for a turkey backfires.

    Sunday Dec 28: Niamh comes to a sobering realisation as she struggles to be apart from her kids at Christmas. Nicola continues to stir things up at the Brennans, and Damien and Caoimhe reach an understanding. Pete continues to juggle his two families.

    Tuesday Dec 30: Dolores sets aside her health fears when Pete gets shocking news about Neil. Robbie makes a move on Carol after Dan refuses to get back with her and Niamh feels excluded when Nicola makes herself at home with Paul. Ray refuses to help Mondo return to Liverpool.

  • Wednesday Dec 24: No episode listed for today.

    Thursday Dec 25: No episode listed for today.

    Friday Dec 26: No episode listed for today.

    Monday Dec 29: No episode listed for today.

    Tuesday Dec 30: No episode listed for today.

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