Jamie Lee Curtis helps save friend's life

Jamie Lee Curtis helped save a woman's life earlier this week.

The 'Halloween' star called emergency services after finding a friend in distress in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, on Tuesday.

A representative for the actress told the New York Daily News newspaper: "Jamie and another woman came to the aid of a young friend who was having a violent reaction to a mixture of medication and alcohol.

"Jamie was going to drive her to the hospital herself but realised she needed immediate medical attention and therefore called 911.

"I'm happy to report [the friend] was released hours later and is doing much better."

Los Angeles Fire Department said paramedics responded to a distress call at just after 9pm on Tuesday.

Jamie's good deed comes six months after she herself was rescued from a car crash in the same area by her friend, actress Jodie Foster.

Jodie rushed to the scene to aid Jamie after her black Yukon SUV crashed into a BMW vehicle.

Thankfully Jamie's injuries were minor and she was released from hospital soon afterwards.

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