Daily Mail apologises to Duchovny

The Daily Mail newspaper has officially apologised to David Duchovny for suggesting a romance with a tennis coach ended his marriage to Tea Leoni.

In the October article, the Mail alluded to a possible affair between Duchovny and his coach Edit Pakay.

The actor immediately denied the report and filed a defamation suit in Los Angeles.

The publication printed an apology to the star on Saturday, admitting the newspaper's original story was "inaccurate".

The apology read: "We now accept this is inaccurate and Ms Pakay and Mr Duchovny are only friends who used to play tennis occasionally.

"Their relationship went no further and was not a factor in Mr and Mrs Duchovny's separation. We apologise to Ms Pakay, Mr Duchovny and to Mr Duchovny's family."

Duchovny and Leoni separated in October after 11 years of marriage.

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