US presidential race 2012

    799 days ago

    Obama: America facing hard choices

    President Barack Obama has told America it must make “hard choices” to reduce the cost of health care and the size of its financial deficit.

    832 days ago

    Obama named Time magazine Person of the Year

    Time magazine has named US President Barack Obama as its Person of the Year.

    870 days ago

    Obama honours veterans

    US President Barack Obama has paid tribute at a Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery to “the heroes over the generations who have served this country of ours with distinction”.

    871 days ago

    Obama declared winner in Florida

    US President Barack Obama can finally claim victory in Florida, four days after the election.

    873 days ago

    Tearful Obama thanks campaign staff

    Barack Obama wipes away tears as he thanks members of his campaign staff and volunteers in a new video released by his campaign today.

    873 days ago

    Obama to speak on financial crisis

    US president Barack Obama will make his first comments on the economy and the financial crisis today as the White House makes the issue its top post-election priority.

    875 days ago

    Election turnout high in Sandy-hit states

    Election day turnout is high in several storm-ravaged areas in New York and New Jersey, with many voters expressing relief and even elation at being able to vote at all, considering the devastation.

    876 days ago

    Dow Jones up despite election uncertainty

    On the day before the US presidential election, stock indexes managed slight gains in thin trading.

    876 days ago

    Dylan hopes times aren't a changin'

    Bob Dylan has backed President Barack Obama, predicting a landslide election victory.

    876 days ago

    Advantage Obama in village election count

    Two tiny villages in northern New Hampshire got the race for the White House under way today, casting America’s first election day votes.

    876 days ago

    Romney supporters plan firing-range 'victory party'

    Republican supporters in Alabama plan to hold their election night party at a firing range where they will be able to shoot a few rounds as returns come in.

    876 days ago

    Witch doctor predicts Obama will 'definitely' win election

    A witch doctor in Barack Obama's ancestral village has predicted a win for the local boy.

    879 days ago

    Obama: Romney scaring voters with lies

    US President Barack Obama has accused Mitt Romney of scaring voters with lies as Tuesday's US Presidential election draws ever nearer.

    880 days ago

    CIA 'responded to Benghazi attack in less than 25 minutes'

    CIA security officers went to the aid of State Department staff less than 25 minutes after they got the first call for help during the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, intelligence officials have said.

    883 days ago

    Hunting store offers gun prize for voting in US election

    A hunting store in Georgia is offering customers a chance to win a free gun for voting in the US presidential election.

    883 days ago

    Hurricane throws US election campaign into turmoil

    The US presidential race's final full week has turned into a scheduling nightmare as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney grapple with how to push on with campaigning while Hurricane Sandy heads toward the East Coast.

    884 days ago

    Perry urges fans to vote for Obama

    Katy Perry made it very clear who gets her vote as she performed at a rally concert for US president Barack Obama.

    887 days ago

    Obama attacks Republican candidate's rape comment

    US President Barack Obama seized on a Republican Senate candidate's controversial remark about rape and pregnancy in an attempt to shore up his support among women.

    887 days ago

    Poll shows narrow lead for Romney over Obama

    Republican challenger Mitt Romney has a two-point lead over President Barack Obama just 12 days before Election Day, a new Associated Press-GfK poll shows.

    889 days ago

    Romney son apologises to Obama

    The son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has apologised to Barack Obama for saying in a radio interview that he was tempted to "take a swing" at the US president for criticising his father during a debate.

    889 days ago

    Rape comments 'not Romney's view'

    A spokeswoman for Mitt Romney said today the US presidential hopeful disagreed with comments made by Indiana Republican senate candidate Richard Mourdock about rape and pregnancy.

    893 days ago

    Romney pressurises Obama on Libya

    Republicans pressed the Obama administration over the deadly attack on US diplomats in Libya, hoping to weaken the president three days before a final debate with rival Mitt Romney that will focus on foreign policy.

    895 days ago

    US presidential debate viewing figures down slightly

    An estimated 65.6 million people watched President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney face off in their contentious second presidential debate.

    895 days ago

    Obama and Romney target female voters

    US President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney vied aggressively for the support of female voters, accusing each other of failing America’s women as they fought to keep up the momentum after their contentious, finger-pointing debate.

    897 days ago

    Obama and Romney prepare for debate duel

    Barack Obama vows to put up a fight in his second debate with Republican challenger Mitt Romney, a promise the president will need to keep if he is to overcome his lacklustre, momentum-stalling performance in the candidates' first debate two weeks ago.

    902 days ago

    Navy SEAL mother: Romney making my son's death part of his political agenda

    The mother of a former Navy SEAL killed in Libya has called on Mitt Romney to stop talking about her son during his presidential campaign.

    905 days ago

    Obama embarks on fundraising trip

    US President Barack Obama planned to build on an impressive fundraising haul, launching a lucrative and celebrity studded trip to California.

    906 days ago

    Jobless figures a tonic for Obama

    US President Barack Obama celebrated some unexpected but much-needed good economic news as the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level since he took office.

    907 days ago

    Romney rows back on '47%' comment

    Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney has finally addressed his secretly taped disparaging remarks about the 47% of Americans who do not pay federal income taxes, calling his words “just completely wrong”.

    908 days ago

    Obama back on stump after debate debacle

    President Barack Obama tried to regain his footing after a disappointing debate performance in which Republican Mitt Romney aggressively challenged the president’s stewardship of the economy.

    909 days ago

    Obama and Romney clash on economy

    US President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney clashed over taxes, deficits and how to revive the US economy last night as they shared the stage for the first time in a high-stakes debate with the power to reshape the race for the White House.

    912 days ago

    Obama inches closer to election win

    With just five weeks to go to Election Day, US President Barack Obama is within reach of the 270 electoral votes needed to win a second term.

    916 days ago

    Assange: Obama exploiting Arab uprisings

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accused US president Barack Obama of seeking to exploit the Arab uprisings for personal and political gain as he addressed a fringe meeting of the United Nations General Assembly via videolink from his embassy hideout.

    917 days ago

    Obama calls for Middle East focus

    President Barack Obama has challenged the international community to confront the causes of Middle East turmoil, saying the world faces “a choice between the forces that would drive us apart and the hopes we hold in common.”

    921 days ago

    Romney releases tax returns

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney released his long-promised 2011 tax return.

    923 days ago

    Obama campaign boosted by property recovery

    Fresh signs of a housing rebound in the US and growing support in public opinion polls boosted President Barack Obama’s bid for a new term in the White House as Republican rival Mitt Romney struggled to quell a video controversy.

    925 days ago

    Romney campaign hit by 'Obama voters believe they are victims' video

    Republican Mitt Romney's presidential campaign suffered a blow today after a video surfaced showing him telling wealthy donors that 47% of all Americans "believe they are victims" entitled to help from the government.

    925 days ago

    Obama tackles China on car trade

    President Barack Obama lodged an unfair-trade complaint against China and immediately used it as a wedge against Republican challenger Mitt Romney, whose beleaguered campaign hit another pothole even it tried to regroup from a shaky few week

    933 days ago

    Romney campaign targets Democrat stronghold

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is airing campaign advertisements in Wisconsin, making a play to win the state last carried by a Republican in 1984.

    936 days ago

    Man arrested in connection with Obama 'Twitter threat'

    A 21-year-old man has been arrested by the US Secret Service for allegedly posting threats to kill President Barack Obama on Twitter.

    936 days ago

    Obama asks supporters to keep the faith

    Barack Obama urged wavering supporters not to give up on their dreams of change - or on him - as he accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for president in what promises to be a tough race against Republican Mitt Romney.

    938 days ago

    US Democrats gather for convention

    The US Democrat convention will get underway tonight with the aim of selling Barack Obama as the wise and humane alternative to Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney.

    943 days ago

    TV network sidelines Palin at Republican convention

    Four years ago, she was the star of the Republican National Convention. Now Sarah Palin is upset after interviews with her were dropped from the television network where she is working.

    944 days ago

    Ryan continues attack on Obama

    Paul Ryan, a hero to conservatives and lightning rod for Democrats, accepted the Republican nomination as Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate today, saying the moment for President Barack Obama's Democrats "came and went".

    945 days ago

    Romney's our man, say Republicans

    Republicans bestowed their presidential nomination on Mitt Romney, turning to the former Massachusetts governor and multi-millionaire businessman to drive Barack Obama from the White House and usher in a new era of small-government conservatism.

    952 days ago

    US politician refuses to quit after controversial rape comment

    The would-be US Senator who caused a furore by claiming rape victims could automatically prevent themselves becoming pregnant has refused to abandon his election attempt.

    960 days ago

    Ryan quick to attack Obama

    The Republicans' newly-chosen vice presidential candidate wasted no time in attacking Barack Obama's economic stewardship in his first solo campaign event.

    962 days ago

    Ryan confirmed as Romney running mate

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has selected Paul Ryan, a US congressman from Wisconsin, as his vice presidential running mate.

    975 days ago

    Romney takes tough stance on Iran

    Mitt Romney would respect an Israeli decision to make a unilateral military strike against Iran aimed at preventing Tehran from obtaining nuclear capability, a top foreign policy adviser said today.

    981 days ago

    Taoiseach to meet Romney

    Taoiseach Enda Kenny will meet US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney this Friday when both visit London for the Olympics opening ceremony.

    992 days ago

    Romney under fire over lying accusations

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney looked for a boost at a campaign fundraiser sponsored by former Vice President Dick Cheney, a figure who divided the country but is lionised by many conservative Americans.

    997 days ago

    Obama hits back at Romney on China

    US president Barack Obama is challenging his Republican rival Mitt Romney's promises to crack down on China's trading practices.

    998 days ago

    Jobs news hurts Obama campaign

    Another dose of bad economic news threatened Barack Obama’s re-election chances, offering Republican challenger Mitt Romney fresh ammunition to exploit just four months from election day.

    1002 days ago

    White House rivals neck and neck

    Polls suggest President Barack Obama holds only a small, perhaps meaningless, lead over Republican rival Mitt Romney in the race for the White House as he awaits a new jobs report.

    1036 days ago

    Romney takes Republican nomination

    Mitt Romney has clinched the Republican presidential nomination with a win in the Texas primary.

    1059 days ago

    Obama launches tilt for second term

    President Barack Obama plunged into his campaign for a new term and tore into rival Mitt Romney as a willing and eager “rubber stamp” for conservative Republicans in Congress who want to cut taxes for the rich.

    1060 days ago

    Obama shifts to campaign mode

    US President Barack Obama has used the first official rally of his re-election bid to brand Republican rival Mitt Romney as a willing rubber-stamp for failed policies championed by extreme House Republicans.

    1064 days ago

    Gingrich to quit US Presidential race

    Newt Gingrich is planning to officially end his campaign for the US Republican presidential nomination with an announcement in Arlington, Virginia, today.

    1070 days ago

    Obama begins re-election campaign

    Barack Obama will headline his first re-election rallies next week.

    1072 days ago

    Polls show Obama has edge in several swing states

    President Barack Obama, with the help of a slowly improving US economy, is gaining ground in many of the 14 states where the presidential contest with Mitt Romney hangs in the balance.