Thai protests

  • 643 days ago

    Eight-year-old girl killed as gunmen attack anti-government protest

    An eight-year-old girl has died and dozens of others have been wounded when gunmen attacked an anti-government protest in Thailand.

  • 664 days ago

    Thais go to the polls despite protests

    Protesters trying to derail Thailand’s national elections have forced the closure of hundreds of polling stations in a highly contentious vote that has become the latest flashpoint in the country’s deepening political crisis.

  • 677 days ago

    Explosions at Thai protest site

    At least 28 people have been left injured after two explosions shook an anti-government demonstration site in the Thai capital, Bangkok.

  • 682 days ago

    Tension rises in Thailand after protesters shot

    Gunshots have rung out in the heart of Thailand’s capital in an apparent attack on anti-government protesters that wounded at least two people and increased tensions amid the deepening political crisis.

  • 725 days ago

    Thai protesters invade Prime Minister's office

    Anti-government protesters in Thailand have broken through a gate and forced their way into the prime minister’s office compound as police stood by and watched.

  • 731 days ago

    Thai protesters take to streets

    Protesters vowing to topple Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra took to the streets for a fourth straight day, declaring they would take over “every ministry” of the government.

  • 1095 days ago

    Thailand PM survives no-confidence vote

    Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has survived a no-confidence vote in parliament.

  • 1099 days ago

    Thailand police fire tear gas at anti-government protests

    Anti-government protesters calling for Thailand's Prime Minister to step down launched a rally in Bangkok today that authorities feared would grow into the biggest demonstration the country has seen since she took office last year.

  • 1944 days ago

    Red Shirts back on streets of Thai capital

    Several hundred Red Shirt protesters defied a state of emergency in the Thai capital to stage a symbolic protest, with hundreds of people sprawling on the ground and chanting: “People died here!”

  • 1971 days ago

    Thailand extends state of emergency

    The Thai government today extended for three months a state of emergency in the capital and 18 provinces in the wake of bloody, anti-government demonstrations which pushed the country close to chaos.

  • 1973 days ago

    Thai PM hopes to lift state of emergency

    Thailand’s prime minister said he believes a state of emergency will be lifted in many areas of the country soon.

  • 1984 days ago

    Red Shirt funeral passes peacefully

    Amid tight security thousands of Red Shirt opposition supporters paid final respects today to the Thai renegade general assassinated at the height of last month’s anti-government protests.

  • 1990 days ago

    Shouting Briton in court over Thai riots

    A Briton shouted abuse about Thailand’s prime minister when he appeared in court today charged over recent anti-government riots.

  • 1990 days ago

    Briton charged with inciting Thai riots

    A British man and an Australian who took part in anti-government protests in Thailand last month have been charged with violating an emergency decree.

  • 1991 days ago

    Thai protest leaders charged with terrorism

    Eleven leaders of anti-government protests could face the death penalty after being charged today with terrorism during the worst political upheaval in modern Thai history.

  • 2009 days ago

    Curfew lifted in Bangkok

    Thailand’s prime minister has lifted a night-time curfew in Bangkok and other areas that was imposed after violence erupted in the capital, an aide said today.

  • 2013 days ago

    Thai ex-PM charged with terrorism

    Thailand’s Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on terrorism charges related to the country’s recent bloody protests.

  • 2014 days ago

    More Thai protest leaders surrender

    Almost the entire core leadership of the Thai protesters who built barricades and battled with soldiers in central Bangkok was in custody following the surrender today of two top organisers, official media said.

  • 2016 days ago

    Thai police confiscate protest leaders' phones

    Thai police said they have tightened security and confiscated mobile phones belonging to the leaders of protests that paralysed Bangkok for weeks.

  • 2017 days ago

    Thai PM urges reconciliation as calm returns to Bangkok

    Thailand’s prime minister today promised an independent probe into “all events” surrounding anti-government protests, and called for reconciliation to heal deep political divisions that led to widespread violence and 83 deaths in two months.

  • 2017 days ago

    Thai PM claims order restored in Bangkok

    Thailand's prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has said order has been restored in Bangkok and the provinces, after weeks of violence.

  • 2017 days ago

    Govt vetoes Thai elections until calm restored

    Thailand will not hold elections as demanded by anti-government protesters until passions from more than two-months of political violence are calmed, a key minister said today.

  • 2018 days ago

    Thai troops move to disperse protest remnants

    Buildings smouldered across central Bangkok early today and troops exchanged sporadic fire with pockets of die-hards a day after the army routed anti-government protesters in a push to end Thailand’s deadliest political violence in nearly 20 years.

  • 2018 days ago

    Bangkok burns as Thai violence escalates

    Central Bangkok became a flaming battleground today as an army assault forced anti-government protest leaders to surrender, enraging followers who shot grenades and set fire to landmark buildings, cloaking the skyline in black smoke.

  • 2019 days ago

    Thai protest leaders arrested

    Central Bangkok became a battleground today as the army stormed a barricaded protest camp and the Red Shirt leadership surrendered, enraging demonstrators who fired grenades and started fires that cloaked the skyline in a black haze.

  • 2019 days ago

    Red Shirt leaders call off Bangkok protest

    Protest leaders in Thailand said they will surrender today after troops stormed into their Bangkok encampment.

  • 2019 days ago

    Govt claims victory in bid to secure Bangkok

    The Thai government has claimed that the army was successful in its initial push to clear a protest zone in central Bangkok.

  • 2019 days ago

    Thai govt turns down peace talks plan

    The Thai government today rejected peace talks with Red Shirt protesters to end the deadly chaos in Bangkok, demanding the demonstrators disperse first.

  • 2020 days ago

    Thai govt rejects peace plan

    The Thai government today rejected peace talks with Red Shirt leaders, demanding protesters in Bangkok disperse first.

  • 2020 days ago

    Red Shirt leaders agree to mediation talks

    Hopes rose for an end to deadly mayhem in Thailand’s capital as leaders of a protest movement occupying central Bangkok said they would unconditionally accept an offer by the Thai Senate to mediate talks.

  • 2020 days ago

    Thai govt demands end to violence

    Thailand's government has demanded an end to the spiralling violence in Bangkok - but as yet neither side has laid down their arms.

  • 2021 days ago

    Protest general dies from sniper bullet

    The renegade army general who worked for Thailand’s Red Shirt protesters died today, five days after he was shot by a sniper.

  • 2021 days ago

    Bullets fly in battlefield Bangkok

    A dentist looks down from his 20th-floor apartment and sees a body on the pavement, blood streaming from the head.

  • 2022 days ago

    Thai PM defends deadly crackdown on protestors

    Thailand’s prime minister has today defended the deadly army crackdown on protesters in Bangkok, saying the country’s very future was at stake.

  • 2023 days ago

    Thai violence escalates as troops fire on demonstrators

    Troops opened fire on Thai protesters in deadly clashes today as spiralling street violence threatened to plunge the country into chaos.

  • 2024 days ago

    Thai troops open fire on protesters

    Troops fired on anti-government protesters rioting near foreign embassies in Bangkok today as an army push to clear the streets sparked bloody clashes.

  • 2024 days ago

    Thai protesters hold ground amid lockdown

    Protesters in the Thai capital reinforced their encampment today as government efforts to blockade them overnight led to sporadic violence that killed one man and saw a high-profile Red Shirt military leader shot in the head.

  • 2024 days ago

    Thai protest leader shot by sniper

    A renegade army general backing Thailand’s Red Shirt protesters was shot in the head by a sniper today as the government moved to crack down on an opposition encampment.

  • 2024 days ago

    Major Thai protestor 'shot in the head'

    A Red Shirt aide has said a military strategist involved with protestors in Thailand had been shot in the head as gunfire and explosions echoed through central Bangkok today.

  • 2024 days ago

    Explosions follow ultimatum to Bangkok protestors

    Gunfire and explosions echoed through central Bangkok today hours after the government warned it was going to seal off the area occupied by thousands of protesters.

  • 2026 days ago

    Army in new bid to oust Thai protestors

    Thailand’s army said today it would begin limiting supplies of water, food and electricity to protesters camped in central Bangkok in a bid to clear the streets by midnight.

  • 2027 days ago

    Thai protestors agree to November elections

    Thai anti-government protesters said today they accept prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s proposal to hold elections in November but will not end their Bangkok protest unless a senior government official surrenders to authorities.

  • 2029 days ago

    Thai premier pleads for end to street protests

    Thailand’s prime minister pleaded today for an end to two months of street protests paralysing the capital and an acceptance of his reconciliation plan that was stalled by a fresh outbreak of violence.

  • 2033 days ago

    Protestors want election date clarified in Thai peace deal

    Thai protesters said today they had accepted a deal to end the violent political crisis that has paralysed central Bangkok for nearly two months.

  • 2033 days ago

    Thai protesters agree peace deal

    Thai protesters said today they had accepted a deal to end the violent political crisis that has paralysed central Bangkok for nearly two months.

  • 2034 days ago

    Thai PM offers date for fresh election

    Thailand’s prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has today offered to hold a new election on November 14 if anti-government protesters accept his reconciliation plan and peace and stability is restored.

  • 2036 days ago

    No plans for martial law, says Thai PM

    Thailand’s prime minister said today that he had no plans to declare martial law despite growing demands for the government to take firmer measures to end protests that have paralysed parts of Bangkok for seven weeks.

  • 2037 days ago

    Thai protesters force hospital evacuation

    A Thai hospital had to evacuate hundreds of patients today after anti-government protesters stormed in to hunt for security forces they suspected were hiding inside.

  • 2039 days ago

    Yellow Shirts call for military action against rivals

    Thailand’s Yellow Shirt activists today demanded military action against anti-government Red Shirt protesters.

  • 2039 days ago

    Soldier killed in Thai clashes

    A soldier wounded during a clash with anti-government protesters in Thailand today has died, becoming the 27th victim of the recent political conflict.

  • 2040 days ago

    Troops fire on Bangkok protestors

    Dozens of people were hurt when Thai troops opened fire on anti-government protesters in Bangkok today.

  • 2040 days ago

    Thai troops open fire during protests

    Thai security forces fired bullets in the air today as they faced anti-government protesters on the outskirts of Bangkok.

  • 2040 days ago

    Thai protestors 'threaten more demos'

    Thai protesters demanding the dissolution of parliament planned to spread out into more parts of Bangkok today, a day after forcing a shutdown of the capital’s busy elevated train system and escalating weeks of anti-government demonstrations.

  • 2040 days ago

    Thai protestors close Bangkok train system

    Anti-government protesters forced Bangkok’s elevated train system to close during rush hour today as they promised to expand demonstrations that have plunged the Thai capital into chaos.

  • 2041 days ago

    Troops shut down Bangkok stations amid tyre protest

    Troops shut down railway stations in the Thai capital today after anti-government protesters broke into a station and threw tyres on the platform in their campaign for immediate elections.

  • 2041 days ago

    Thailand's Red Shirts warned to go undercover

    Leaders of Thailand’s Red Shirt protesters told their followers to lose their signature crimson clothing so they can go undercover in case of a possible government crackdown.

  • 2043 days ago

    Standoff continues after Thai PM's statement

    Thailand’s embattled prime minister appeared on television today but offered no initiatives to end the country’s weeks long, sometimes bloody, political crisis a day after rejecting a compromise proposal by protesters occupying central Bangkok.

  • 2043 days ago

    Thai protestors call off talks with government

    A Thai protest leader said his group was pulling out of talks with the government since the prime minister rejected their revised demand that he dissolve Parliament in 30 days, instead of immediately.

  • 2044 days ago

    Guarded hopes rise for peaceful end to Thai crisis

    Guarded hopes rose today that Thailand’s political deadlock, punctuated by increasing hostility and bloody street violence, could be settled peacefully after protesters softened their demand for an immediate change in government.

  • 2045 days ago

    Protests cripple Bangkoks's financial hub

    Bangkok’s main financial district was partially shut today as pro and anti-government protesters faced off following deadly grenade attacks.