Mali unrest

  • 1021 days ago

    First suicide bombing reported in Mali

    A suicide bomber has attacked a checkpoint in northern Mali, killing only himself, in the first known suicide bombing since French military forces intervened in the country.

  • 1037 days ago

    Split emerges in Mali rebel group

    One wing of Mali’s Ansar Dine rebel group has split off to create its own movement, saying that they want to negotiate a solution to the crisis in Mali.

  • 1039 days ago

    Mali troops retake strategic town

    Malian forces have regained control of the strategic town that was under extreme Islamist rule for four months, as the French-led military intervention pushed northwards in its second week.

  • 1040 days ago

    French troops retake key Mali town

    French troops, backed by helicopters and planes, have advanced on the key Malian town of Diabaly, seized a week ago by Islamic extremists.

  • 1041 days ago

    Islamists routed from key Mali town

    Radical Islamists have fled a key Malian town on foot following French air strikes.