Greek economy

    1 day ago

    Greece 'ready to do economic deal', but won't be humiliated: Tsipras

    Greece is ready to accept a “viable and long-lasting” deal with lenders but not on “humiliating terms”, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has told his ruling Syriza party.

    19 days ago

    EU Commissioner expects 'good progress' in Greece debt talks

    The EU’s top finance official has said he expects Greece and its creditors to make “good progress” by next Monday on finding a way to keep the nation afloat and in the eurozone.

    26 days ago

    Bailout deal 'close' says Greek PM

    Greece's prime minister said he hopes bailout talks between the cash-strapped country and its international creditors are "very close" to an initial deal.

    30 days ago

    'Time running out' for Greece deal

    The eurozone’s top official has said “time is running out” for Greece to reach a deal with bailout creditors.

    62 days ago

    Tsipras in Germany to rebuild Greek-German relations

    The Greek prime minister and German chancellor have sought to reboot an increasingly sour relationship, saying they are looking for ways to help Athens reach a deal with creditors that will keep it from leaving the euro.

    65 days ago

    EU leaders urge Greece reform plan

    EU leaders emerged from a meeting with the Greek prime minister saying the country needs to come up with a reform plan if it wants more of their money.

    80 days ago

    Merkel pours cold water on third bailout for Greece

    German chancellor Angela Merkel and the president of the European Commission president have cautioned against speculation that Greece will need a third financial bailout.

    83 days ago

    New bailout 'could give Greece up to €50bn'

    Eurozone nations are negotiating a third bailout for financially strapped Greece that would give the country as much as €50bn, Spanish economy minister Luis de Guindos said.

    88 days ago

    Opposition against privatisations in Greek bailout deal

    Greece’s prime minister has been briefing his party’s lawmakers on pledges made to European creditors to win a four-month extension of the country’s bailout, amid simmering discontent with what some see as a capitulation.

    89 days ago

    Finance ministers approve list of Greek reform measures

    Greece’s creditors in the 19-country eurozone have approved a list of reform measures proposed by Athens to get a four-month extension to its bailout.

    93 days ago

    Greece bailout deal plan 'agreed'

    Eurozone officials say a deal has been reached to extend the Greek bailout by four months.

    93 days ago

    Greece makes pitch for six-month loan extension

    Greece has made a pitch to convince its European creditors to accept its request for a six-month loan extension, which would allow Athens to pay its bills and avoid a potential exit from the euro.

    94 days ago

    Germany cold over Greece proposals

    Greece has sent its European creditors a last-moment proposal meant to unfreeze talks on its bailout programme and end uncertainty over its future in the euro.

    101 days ago

    No agreement in Greek debt talks

    Talks between Greece and its eurozone creditors broke down without agreement or even a plan of action on how to move forward on the country's debts and bail-out.

    112 days ago

    Greek finance minister enters debt talks

    Greece’s finance minister is holding talks in Paris amid high tensions with international creditors, as his country’s new leftist leadership seeks to renegotiate huge debts.

    323 days ago

    Greek government moves to end strike

    The Greek government is forcing employees of a state electricity utility company back to work by issuing a “civil mobilisation decree” usually reserved for national emergencies.

    564 days ago

    Strike shuts down Greek services

    Public and private services have shut down across Greece as unions hold a 24-hour general strike to protest against further austerity cuts in the recession-plagued country.

    613 days ago

    Greek public sector strike begins

    Greek civil servants have walked off the job at the start of a two-day nationwide strike protesting against planned job cuts required as part of the country’s international bailout.

    615 days ago

    Greece prepares for new wave of strikes

    Riot police have scuffled with striking school guards in central Athens as unions gear up for a series of public sector strikes over job cuts.

    675 days ago

    Germany's Finance Minister warns: No short-cuts for Greece

    Germany’s Finance Minister has visited Greece amid massive police security, insisting there was “no convenient short cut” for the country’s bailout programme.

    677 days ago

    Greek unions stage fourth strike this year

    Unions opposing austerity measures in Greece are staging their fourth general strike this year as the government prepares to start axing public sector jobs.

    710 days ago

    Greek bank avoids nationalisation

    Greece’s largest bank, the National Bank of Greece, has said it has succeeded in raising enough capital to avoid being nationalised, the second Greek bank to meet that target.

    718 days ago

    IMF admits underestimating impact of austerity in Greece

    The International Monetary Fund has admitted it made “notable failures” in the Greek bailout, underestimating how much the austerity measures it pushed would hit the country’s already faltering economy.

    741 days ago

    Teachers' strike banned by Greek government

    Greece's coalition government has said it will use emergency powers to prevent teachers from disrupting university entrance exams as part of their planned strike this month.

    745 days ago

    Greek economic recovery 'in sight'

    Greece’s recession-wracked economy should start recovering from next year and its sky-high unemployment rate should edge lower from the end of 2014, the country’s finance minister said in an interview broadcast today.

    832 days ago

    Recession-hit Greeks stripping train lines for scrap metal

    Greece has been hit by an unprecedented wave of metal thefts as its recession-hit people turn to crime.

    843 days ago

    Greece hit by new austerity strikes

    Public transport workers in the Greek capital walked off the job today in a 24-hour strike, causing traffic jams around Athens, while a doctors’ strike has left hospitals functioning with emergency staff.

    850 days ago

    Defiant Greek strikers face jail

    Greece’s government has announced emergency powers to force striking subway workers back to work, with those defying it risking arrest.

    852 days ago

    Greek transport workers continue strike

    Striking underground railway workers have defied a court order to return to work and are continuing their protest for a sixth day, as demonstrations against new pay cuts escalate in Greece’s capital.

    856 days ago

    Greek parliament votes to investigate former finance minister

    Greek MPs have voted to investigate former finance minister George Papaconstantinou over his handling of data on citizens with Swiss bank accounts and whether he amended the list to remove three of his relatives.

    928 days ago

    Strikes continue as Greece prepares for austerity vote

    Greece’s fragile coalition government faces its toughest test when lawmakers vote on new painful austerity measures demanded to keep the country afloat, on the second day of a nationwide general strike.

    929 days ago

    Greek government proposes four-year austerity plan

    Greece’s conservative-led coalition has set out a new four-year package of austerity measures, facing down escalating protests by unions and dissent from its left-wing government partners.

    961 days ago

    Greek PM: 'Till will be empty' in November

    Greece’s Prime Minister has said his country can survive until the end of November without receiving the next planned instalment of its bailout loans.

    969 days ago

    Greek parties agree cuts package

    After weeks of fruitless efforts, the heads of the three parties in Greece’s governing coalition have struck a basic deal on a new round of harsh austerity measures.

    970 days ago

    Greek workers begin general strike

    Greek workers have walked off their jobs for the first general strike since the country's coalition government was formed in June.

    979 days ago

    Greek judges and doctors protest over pay

    Greek judges and hospital doctors have begun working to rule over planned austerity measures that will leave thousands of legal cases in limbo and routine operations cancelled.

    1002 days ago

    Hollande: Greece must stay in euro

    French president Francois Hollande has said that Greece must remain in the eurozone.

    1005 days ago

    Greece pleads for more time to implement cuts

    Greece needs more time to implement tough financial reforms and spending cuts, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said today.

    1032 days ago

    Barroso to visit Greece today

    Tensions are running high in Greece ahead of today's visit by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso to Athens, amid increased speculation the country is heading towards debt default.

    1034 days ago

    Troika officials visit Greece today

    Troika officials arrive in Greece today to try and pull that country's economic programme back on track.

    1072 days ago

    Greece prepares for 'most crucial election'

    Greece is preparing to hold what has been described as the country's most crucial election, as the outcome could effectively decide whether Greece remains in the euro.

    1081 days ago

    Greek far-right politician assaults female rival live on TV

    The spokesman for Greece's extremist far-right Golden Dawn party caused an uproar today when he physically assaulted two left-wing deputies on live television during a morning political show.

    1088 days ago

    Tsipras renews bailout axe pledge

    The leader of a left-wing party in Greece has renewed a pledge to scrap the country’s bailout commitments after retaking a lead in opinion polls ahead of crucial national elections on June 17.

    1091 days ago

    Polls show gains for mainstream parties in Greece

    Opinion polls have indicated that Greece's second election in just over a month will result in no single party gaining a majority in parliament, but two pro-austerity mainstream parties could form a coalition government.

    1096 days ago

    Greek banks set for €18bn bailout

    Greece’s four biggest commercial banks are to receive an €18bn cash injection from the European bailout fund.

    1101 days ago

    Fitch downgrades rating of five Greek banks

    Fitch ratings agency has downgraded five Greek banks, a day after giving the crisis-hit nation the lowest possible grade for a country that is not in default.

    1102 days ago

    Judge takes role as caretaker leader in Greece

    A senior judge has been sworn in to head Greece's caretaker government for a month as the debt-crippled country lurches through a political crisis that threatens its membership in the 17-nation eurozone.

    1105 days ago

    Greek President to hold last-ditch talks to avert second election

    Greece's President will hold a fresh round of talks today to try to persuade political leaders to form a coalition government.

    1110 days ago

    Greek conservative leader says euro must stay

    Greece’s conservative leader has insisted the country should remain in the euro, ahead of talks with the political opponent who wants to pull out of the financial bailout deal.

    1110 days ago

    Greek govt talks: Tsipras to meet mainstream party heads

    The leader of a radical left-wing party tasked with trying to form a coalition government in Greece is to meet mainstream party heads, a day after he demanded they withdraw their signatures from the international bailout deal.

    1110 days ago

    Greek left-winger rejects cuts pledge

    The smouldering debate over European austerity burned hotter as the left-winger trying to form a new Greek government declared his country was no longer bound by pledges to impose crippling cuts in return for rescue loans.

    1111 days ago

    Radical left party begins talks to form Greek government

    A left-wing party opposed to the terms of Greece’s bailout agreements is trying to form a government after a general election stalemate.

    1111 days ago

    Greece unease grows amid impasse

    Greece sank deeper into a political and financial morass as initial efforts to form a new coalition government failed, a day after angry voters punished parties backing the country’s international bailout.

    1112 days ago

    Greek election results raise possibility of euro exit

    Greece faces weeks of financial turmoil after voters angry at crippling income cuts punished mainstream politicians, let a far-right extremist group into Parliament and gave no party enough votes to govern alone.

    1112 days ago

    More instability ahead for Greece

    Greece faces days, possibly weeks, of political instability after voters angry at crippling income cuts punished mainstream politicians.

    1114 days ago

    Greeks head into general election

    Greeks head to the polls on Sunday in their most critical – and uncertain - election in decades, with voters set to punish the two main parties that are being held responsible for the country’s dire economic straits.

    1144 days ago

    New demo planned over Greek suicide

    Anti-austerity activists are planning new protests in Athens’ main square, where a pensioner shot himself dead leaving a suicide note that blasted politicians over the country’s financial crisis.

    1145 days ago

    Debt crisis sparks suicide in Athens' busiest square

    An elderly Greek man killed himself in Athens’ busiest square today in protest at the country’s debt crisis.

    1156 days ago

    Greece's Deputy Prime Minister to retire

    The Deputy Prime Minister in Greece’s coalition government has announced he will not stand for re-election in the forthcoming national poll.

    1159 days ago

    Greek parliament approves €172bn bailout loan

    Greece's parliament has today approved a new international bailout deal, which will see the crisis-hit country receive an additional €172bn in rescue loans.