Taoiseach: You will continue to pay your USC and Property Tax

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said that taxes such as the universal social charge, water charges and property tax will all continue, despite Ireland exiting the bailout.

Following three years of emergency support, the Government is once again able to borrow money on the international markets.

After getting a mixed response to his State of the Nation address last night, Enda Kenny says that the successful exit of that programme makes us more attractive as a location for investment.

However, speaking to Mid West Radio, he said taxes introduced during the recession will remain in place.

"Well, the Budget is fixed for 2014, that has already gone through the Dáil, it was held in October as you know,

"I see signs of improvement around the country. You will continue to pay your USC, you will continue to pay your property tax, you will have the introduction of water charges.

"But there has been no increase in income tax, because that's a tax on jobs, there was a reduction in the level of VAT for the hospitality sector, which stabilised the industry and allowed 15,000 more jobs to be created.

"We want people to build on these things.

"This was never easy and was never going to be easy, but we are making substantial progress, and I am happy about that."


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