Parents 'want entire CRC board disbanded'

All parents of children who use the services of the Central Remedial Clinic want the board to resign, it has been claimed.

Lorraine Dempsey, whose daughter has special needs, says parents are angry and worried about the future for their children and want the CRC Board disbanded before any more damage is done.

"It's up to people, I suppose, and their conscience to decide: 'Should be give to this Santa Bear Appeal?'," she said.

"The money will go directly into the service.

"How are we going to stop the rot? All parents, 100%, are calling for the board to be disbanded to just try to get over this saga as quickly as possible, because its not just affecting the CRC."

Independent TD Shane Ross this morning called for deeper investigations into the "unorthodox" arrangement between the Mater Hospital and the CRC regarding the management of its pension fund.

In a statement last night, the hospital said it "absolutely refutes" the claims made at the Public Accounts Committee that the clinic pays the Mater to run a "phantom fund" that does not exist.

The Board of the CRC appeared before the Committee yesterday, to discuss the use of charitable donations to top-up salaries of senior executives.

Former CEO Brian Conlon, who resigned on Monday, refused to appear, but his role as former CEO of the Mater Hospital came under scrutiny.

Deputy Ross, a PAC member, said that the CRC gave a very opaque explanation as to why it pays the Mater €660,000 a year, but the Mater has since shed some light on it.

"What the Mater says really is quite straightforward," he said.

"They say they take the money, they do what they like with it, and it's actually regarded as contribution towards the pension fund of about 180 people in the CRC.

"It's very unorthodox, it seems unusual, but if that's an explanation then we'll have to go deeper into and say: 'What happens to the money?'."

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