Kenny labels Belfast negotiations failure a 'disappointment'

The Taoiseach says the failure of the Haass negotiations to reach an agreement is a "disappointment" to the people of Northern Ireland.

Enda Kenny says he's discussed the matter with British Prime Minister David Cameron this morning, and he has urged all parties in the North to reflect on progress made during the talks.

"I am disappointed that the talks chaired by Dr Richard Haass have concluded without reaching agreement," he said in a statement. "I believe this will also come as a disappointment to the people of Northern Ireland."

"It should be said that significant effort went into the talks … I hope that the period ahead can … provide a basis for future agreement."

The discussions which broke-up in the early hours of this morning - were aimed at reaching consensus on the past, parades and flags.

Belfast security correspondent Alan Murray says he believes it's unlikely any significant progress will be made on those issues in the near future.

He said it is expected that the five parties will meet again without the help of negotiator Richard Haass, though it is unlikely they will be more successful without his aid than with it.

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