Ex Department of Finance boss says cost of living - not pay deals - should be Government's focus

The former General Secretary of the Department of Finance has said the Government should be looking at reducing the cost of living, rather than giving pay rises.

John Moran (pictured) said that the economic recovery "does not mean we should all be demanding pay increases".

Ministers have warned they will not break from the Lansdowne Road Agreement and that making new pay deals now would be repeating the mistakes of the past.

John Moran said the focus should be on reducing the cost of living instead.

He said: "If we had €50m to give out (the cost of the garda pay deal), we could give everybody that travels on Dublin Bus 50c off their fare for an entire year.

That would be real money in the pockets of everybody. It would be bringing down the cost of living. That's a fiver; that's a lunch for somebody who goes to work every day in Dublin."


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