CSO numbers show falls in most crime categories

There has been an increase in the number of kidnappings and thefts, according to the Central Statistics Office.

The CSO said kidnappings rose by 5% in the third quarter of the year when compared with the same time last year, while the number of thefts rose by almost 4%.

There were falls in most of the other crime categories though with fraud and public order offences down by 16%.

They also found that burglaries and attempted murders are both down 10% while sexual offences fell by 2%.

Speaking at the Garda Headquarters in the Phoenix Park Commissioner Martin Callinan welcomed the decreases.

Mr Callinan said: "I am heartened that the hard work being carried out by members of An Garda Síochána throughout the country is reflected in the Q3 statistics released today. I am particularly pleased to see that Burglary and Related Offences are running significantly lower (down 10.9%), as are Fraud and Deception Offences with a reduction of 16.6% in this group.

However, the Commissioner said they must not become complacent.

He said: "The rise in Theft and Related Offences shows that recent initiatives we have undertaken such as the inaugural Crime Prevention Day of Action highlighting smartphone theft are timely and targeted, and will assist us in the fight against crime in general and thefts in particular."

"The fall in Weapons and Explosives Offences (down 9.2%), Controlled Drug Offences (down 6.7%) and Offences Against the State (down 11.8%) show that our continuing efforts to dismantle all aspects of organised crime and subversive activity is having a definable benefit for the law abiding citizens of the country who wish to live their lives in peace.

"We will continue to ensure our work is carried out in consultation with, and for the benefit of, communities around the country.”

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