'Chilling' number of Christian Brothers sex abuse allegations

The Minister for Children described the number of child sex abuse allegations against the Christian Brothers as "chilling".

Frances Fitzgerald said the order played a central role in Irish Society over many decades.

The National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church today published eight audits of procedures.

They cover over 1,400 allegations against 456 priests and brothers, of whom 21 have been convicted.

Since 1975 - 870 allegations were made against 325 Christian Brothers alone, resulting in 12 convictions.

Maeve Lewis is the Executive Director of One in Four, which works with sex abuse victims.

"One of the things that is identified in the report is that the Christian Brothers' response to survivors coming forward leaves a lot to be desired," she said.

"The reports describe it as being litigious rather than pastoral in their approach … and that certainly would reflect the experience of our clients."

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